Latex vacuum bed: any advice?

Hello oh knowledgable ones, just wondered if anyone here has tried a vac bed? Did the experience justify the cost/ investment? Is it a regular treat for anyone or more of an one-off type experience? I’m keen to give one a go, love the idea of the complete immobility, and husband thinks the idea is hysterical, but they are a lot of money.

Any/ all experiences/ advice would be gratefully received.

many thanks.

Personally never tried it but would love too. Mate of mine tried it loved it. He said well worth the cost. He does it fairly regularly as I understand it.

I really want one too. I think the best ones have valves so you can turn suction off for a while (less noisy then!). And some can be quite thin and therefore prone to ripping. Other than that - I've toyed with going to a kitted out dungeon to try one out, although that also is expensive!!

I adore being in a Vac Bed. The pressure, the restricted feeling, I could spend hours in one. I would recommend seeing if you can try one somewhere before buying though. Have a look for a private hire dungeon with one (most list their equipment on their websites)

If you enjoy the experience, they are worth the money. Unless you can leave it assembled, they aren’t the sort of the sort of thing you can use for a quick session so you do need to consider how often you will be able to use it.