Anyone out there in to latex...Im recent to the site so excuse if its been asked before.

recently bought the the renagade rubber briefs with moulded sheath (and reviewed) the missus and I her having a hot time in them........only prob is thits a bit tight and grips rather too well .... didnt last long the last time before I had a sheath full!

I have used black liquid latex paint. Was pretty cold applied to the body but was good fun, however a murder to remove especially with bodily hair! Would probably try it again though.

Well, we have dabbled with latex occasionally. I find women - all shapes - look fantastic in latex so I have made some garments for my wife from sheet latex I bought from Radical Rubber. It's pretty time-consuming and I found that chlorination was the only way to make the things reasonably easy to get on (and more importantly off!)

If I get the time I will make a cat-suit for her but I suspect I could end up frustrated in much the way of the octopus with the bagpipes 8-)=

I love latex. When I was rather young (before any sexual urges had crossed my mind), I tried on a pair of latex gloves (you know, the kind for cleaning or dying hair, etc) and couldn't stop stroking them against my face 'cause they just felt so nice, haha. Been a touch obsessed since. Latex clothing is just so pretty and feels amazing. Got a nice new pair of black panties in the sale just recently and I've been lusting after some things from Dudea, Eustratia, Murray and Vern, and Rubber Monkey, lately. Need to pick a couple of favourites to get, but it's so hard narrowing it down! I'm quite sure I can't live without the Rubber Monkey frill top socks (they're just perfect), but I still have to pick what colour I want spoiled for choice.

The briefs with the sheath you mentioned look awesome. I've been trying to get the boy to get some, but he's not as into latex as me *sigh*

I like the thought of the paint but have too much body hair ..............ouch!

What kind of panties Miss wife had a pair of Sharon Sloan....with pocket for a bullet sexeeeee.

I did however beak them...tried em on and put my fellow throug the hole....with inevitable results....still got my own now :)

The sheath latex pants are a great ....... the feel of them clinging to your skin is awesome!

I think a lot of men are put off as they tend to be targetted at gay couples...........(why should one sexual preference have all the fun!) ...move over guys :) Some blokes feel a bit weird or guilty. They are definately worth trying (not expensive) - they look exactly the same on as they do in the picture and I have to say when I put them on the black shiny material certainly makes you stand out. Inicked into the loo to put them on the first time (to put on some internal lube)

As I walked back in the bedroom.....decidedly penis wife actually groaned with pleasure.

She was wearing a wet look basque set and wet look hold ups so I was somewhat excited byself ( had a shot of hers later as my avatar shows!)

I think that they are maybe a bit revealing ..... I dont know if the LH site would allow a picture to be put on?

I've only ever worn black looks quite hot though....maybe even pink....if it good enough for Rhiana......

Shiny wrote:

I think a lot of men are put off as they tend to be targetted at gay couples...........(why should one sexual preference have all the fun!)

Haha, totally agree. Glad to see someone else sees it that way too.
My OH likes to crossdress, so I think, if anything, he probably thinks the sheath briefs are too masculine, haha. Managed to get him into a pair of girly Sharon Sloane latex briefs recently, though, which look adorable on him.
The only worry I would have with the sheath pants is their longevity. Not being able to see them in person first means I can't check the size and thickness of latex at the sheath.

It was the rubber girl mini briefs in black. I'd been eying up the same ones in red a while ago, but they didn't have that colour left in my size, so black it was. Couldn't pass up such cute panties for only £7! I like how they're quite low rise, means I don't have to worry about the waist gaping (big hips, tiny waist, woe is me ).
I've only worn black when it comes to latex, too (Lip Service's cherry red vinyl is a favourite staple in my shiny wardrobe, though). When it comes to the socks I'm torn about getting them in black, white, red or purple (all my favourite colours). Of course, me being me, I want them all, but justifying £60 on highly impractical socks is a little out of even my abilities! Some items look beautiful in royal blue, I've noticed (especially if they're trimmed in silver or white).

Wow....what a hot list!...that certainly got things stitting in my mind ....and elsewhere ;)

Lets see, we have a bi lady and a lad the likes to crossdress.....A good combo

Re the sheath pants....a way to get your lad into those might not be too hard...........accessorise!

I think a length of stretch lace pink ribbon could be put to good use. Get the lad in the pants and frill round the top of the thighs and the waist......and for special effect wrap a length around the sheath......I think that would do the trick!........Its working for me thinking about it :) :) You could even tie it flat againt the stomach or leg using this if he wanted to contain it for a while.

As for the quality ...its MUCH more robust than the Sharon Sloane. Re sizing, I am a 32inch waist (a wee bit more due to Christmas) I opted for the smallest and they are a snug (mmmmmhhhhh) fit. I probably would get the size above for a perfect fit.

Hope that helps.

I do fancy latex thats trimmed I think that this would be mind bowing.

Hope you get some of the socks....they sound really cheeky.

As for the low cut rubber girl mini briefs - big hips , narrow waist....... WOW - you cheeky minx...he's a lucky lad!

I love PVC, i have never tried latex, although I wouldn't mind trying some from here to start off with.

would love to try latex BUT the wife has a latex aligery so we can't use it, that includs condoms' so it's the latex free ones for us.

We got our first latex stuff from here a little while ago after buying quite a few PVC outfits in the past. The latex has been a big hit and we love the feel as well as the look of it. It has a great texture and gives much more support than PVC so now we're on the lookout for a dress or top that is going to give up a lot of cleavage.

The one extra that you will need is polish if you're going to go for that shiny fetish look as natural latex has much the same colouring as a bicycle inner tube. Looks fantastic when it's all buffed up though.

Changed my avatar to the LH latex briefs