Lelo Insignia Lyla 2 Remote Control Vibrating Love Egg


I've been looking at this product for some out-and-about fun with my wife:


It's rather pricey, and I'm in two minds about whether it's worth the extra outlay compared to other options. Having said that, from my point of view, the Lyla 2 appears to have the following significant advantages:

1. It's rechargeable (saves replacing batteries) and has a good operating time (a couple of hours on one charge?)
2. As a result, the egg is (presumably) a sealed unit -- easier to clean and no battery compartment openings/seals which might leak or irritate
3. Build quality seems good -- my wife would be happy to put it inside her
4. It looks classy -- no sleazy packaging
5. There's the option of using it as an external vibrator

I've read the two reviews, which are quite helpful, but I'm wondering whether anyone here can add anything from their own experience of the Lyla 2 -- or, indeed, suggest some alternatives that I could also consider.

Many thanks for any contributions.


I don't have experience of that particular product but my experience of Lelo vibes, of which I have 4, is that they are more than worth the extra expense, plus if you order it and really don't get on with it, you have the benefit of the year long returns, to me it's a no-brainer, go for it :)

We've got the WeVibe 3, which is awesome.

Expensive, but well worth it.

I'm looking at the Lyla 2, but havent ordered yet

Many thanks for those replies.

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To MissTerryCleavage:

I'm aware of the 365 day returns policy, but I'm typically British and hate the idea of returning something if it works okay but we're only, say, 50% happy with it.

To KebertXela:

Interesting point about the We-Vibe 3! I guess it's not directly comparable with the Lyla 2, but I wasn't aware of it before and it's an alternative way to spend the same amount of money. It's a shame that the reviews are so varied, with some saying that it's perfect and amazing, whilst others find that it doesn't fit properly or moves around. Presumably that's down to anatomical variations -- one size is unlikely to fit all.

To boobaloo:

Thanks! That review is very thorough and useful. I've also read your other review of the WeVibe 3 which is similarly helpful. I think it's fairly clear to me now where the respective strengths and weaknesses of the two products lie.

Hmm... not sure which way to go now. I'll sleep on it. :-/

It wasnt meant as an alternative, more a comment on expensive toys being worth it :)

That's fine! It's great to have confirmation that the more expensive products can still be good value for money. Generally, I'd prefer to save up for a well-constructed, high-quality toy, especially if it's going into intimate places! The tricky bit is knowing whether it will do the job for us as individuals, but ultimately we can probably only find that out by trying it. As MissTerryCleavage says, that's where the LH 365 day returns policy is very helpful -- as long as we don't feel too sheepish to use it!

Although it's not directly equivalent to the Lyla 2, the WeVibe 3 might for us be a potential alternative for out-and-about fun (as well as in-bedroom antics), so I'm very glad that you mentioned it. I've also been looking at the Eroscillator 2 as another top-end product of interest if and when our piggy bank permits.

Hope that makes sense! Thanks again.

I have the we-vibe 3 and it's a good quality product, but it is very different in concept to the Lelo, tbh, I'm not sure it would work as an out & about product, not sure how comfortable it would be given it rests inside you and on your clit, I can't recall the distance at which the remote works either, perhaps Boobaloo can help with that?

If it's for out and about, I think the Lelo is definitely a better choice, Boobaloo's review sums it all up really well, and I think the fact that the remote vibrates etc with the product is good for you getting off on knowing what your wife is going through, the we-vibe doesn't do that.

Like I siad I dont have this Lelo, but comparing the we-vibe with other Lelo's, I would go Lelo every time.

Please don't feel sheepish about using the returns, it's what it's there for, Lh want happy customers hence why they provide such a good returns policy and why we all shop here so much :)

Many thanks again!

I've chatted through the options with my wife, and we've agreed that we like the sound of the extra opportunities that the We-Vibe 3 offers -- such as bath play and as a supplement to our lovemaking. My wife is a bit hesitant about the out-and-about scenario, so we're going to test the water using a wired bullet vibrator that we have before we venture any further (e.g. the Lyla 2).

I've therefore ordered the We-Vibe 3 in the hope that it might work out for us (the reviews suggest that it's not anatomically right for a significant proportion of women), but with the reassurance that we can draw on the LH 365-day returns policy if not. *crosses fingers*

We'll still consider the Lyla 2 as a future purchase (or as a replacement for the We-Vibe) if our initial out-and-about explorations go well.

Cheers! I'm very grateful for the replies, even though we've changed tack since my original posting.


The range for the remote on the wevibe is about 3metres (10 feet) so nowhere near as good as the Lyla for range.

Thanks! Yes, I picked up that point from the reviews. We'd only intend to use the We-Vibe remote in close proximity (certainly not across a room) so hopefully this limitation won't be significant to us. If we decide to try the out-and-about scenario regularly, then we'll look for something with a better range at that time.

Thats one of the Lylas plus points from my point of view, it appears to be wifi rather than bluetooth range.

****runs to find the erroscialtor****

I have that Lelo I know you have made your choice , but I personally love it . Its smart sleek, easy to clean , its fab to feel inside , I like the fact T can have the control and all feel the vibrations I am having on his palm . I have a cheaper version a tracey cox and I would always pick the Lelo out the draw first. I like this alot . Lots of fun too .