So I am going to be investing in some lelo toys. I find that most of the revies are good, and the feedback.

What lelo toy or toys do you have, and how do you find them?

I am after the mia and smart wand

Hi SensualFire,

LELO is an amazing brand, yes their toys do all have amazing reviews!
The mia is sooo good - I love it. It's perfect for travelling, stores really easily and is so light as well, It's definitely a firm favourite for lots of people!
I don't own a smart wand personally, but I have read a couple of reviews which state that these wands don't necessarily work for everyone and aren't that good for LELO toys? I know that most toys don't agree with everyone, that's just what i've read about them.

I know that the Mona 2 is meant to be a fantastic toy, if you're after another one that vibrates!


I have almost all of Lelo's toys (excluding their gold ones, the Lelo smart wand M, the flogger, and another which I can't think of on the top of my head).

The smart wand large is amazing though, it's my favourite wand for squirting. The Mia 2 is still lacking and I'd personally opt for the Tango 2.

The Mona 2 is just awesome, and way better than the wave.

I have tried the Lelo smart wand M, but wasn't that fussed by it.

The new Siri is pretty fun too.

We have the siri which is pretty special, and the black kegal balls. Tempted by the large wand but think it might be lacking in the power we crave!

The large wand is very powerful, more than the standard LH plug in, although it is rumbly rather than buzzy when it comes to vibrations. The rumbles shake your whole arm when on max =)

We have the lh deluxe, still wanting a doxy but might go for the lelo large instead, was always a bit hesitant as didn't want to send it back if it wasn't enough!

The best Lelo toys in my opinion are the Mona 2, Siri 2 and Ella (which is a brilliant G-spotting dildo that Lovehoney no longer stock which is a shame).

Put it this way, I'm tempted to buy another Mona just so I have a back up one and will definitely get a new one when mine dies!!

Mia 2 is a lovely vibe and was my fave clit toy for a while but as a reviewer/blogger I've been spoiled by more powerful toys so my poor Mia doesn't see much action these days :/

I haven't tried either of the smart wands as I have a Doxy and am sooo happy with that that I don't see the point in investing in a Lelo wand right at the moment. I do hear that the large is a pretty great toy though and the white one is sooo pretty!

I have been sent the siri 2 to review and I must say it is a fab lil clit stimulator.

Mia 2 is also good

I have the medium LELO wand and it works wonders, the only wand I like tbh.

I have the INA Wave but I think the Ina 2 is more powerful, the same goes for the MONA Wave, it's a good sex took and the wave motion feels nice but the MONA 2 is much better imo.

I am a fan of the Alia but then I am big on clit play

Medium Smartwand - one of my favourite toys to take in the bath tub (it would be great to have the Large one as well but the Medium is quite lightweight and therefore ideal for relaxing tub fun)

Mona Wave - I love the shape; as I say in my review, the Wave motion gives me great orgasm of a slow-built kind; it is, however, pretty noisy

Hula Beads - frankly, one of my less successful choices, not very powerful, tricky remote (might be more fun for someone who plays with them with their partner who takes control of the remote but I cannot be sure, not having had the opportunity to give it a go)

I had to return faulty Lelo Ora (I liked it, though, and I might eventually buy Ora 2)

And some time ago I had bought a Gigi vibe which turned out to be faulty as well (sadly enough, this was before my LH days, and the returns policy of the local store was not great); lovely shape - I am pretty sure I will get a Gigi 2 one day - and hopefully it will be a working one...

To sum it up - I really like some Lelo products but they are, sadly enough, sometimes faulty (when it comes to other high-end brands, I have never come across any faulty products, with Lelo, however, it was only 3 out of 5 that worked properly)

Thanks for all your feedback etc peeps. I was contemplating on investing on a medium wand made by lelo and the tango. However from reading some of the stuff you have said here, some of you have mentioned the doxy, and that lelo toys are often faulty. So hmmmmm

I was looking at the Siri the other day

I suppose the best thing to do is invest, get one and see how it is, its not like LH wont take it back if its faulty etc

I am a girl that is used to powerful toys

I'm debating getting the tango with my oh! Points, although as I have the siri not sure if it will be worth while as it is amazing. Was saving for the doxy but getting itchy fingers!

Save up for the doxy. I am going to be honest and say I wil no dout end up getting both. Not at once mind you

Doxy & Mia 

Have 14000 so just enough for the tango, if only we could get gift vouchers!

Yeh gift vouchers, told my OH to get me some for valentines I dont even have 2000 points yet

get the tano, it's been discontinued so there aren't many left

Its been doscontinued omg :O toddles of to get one

Nearly had a heart attack I thought the tango was one of the lelo toys I was after lol.

lol tango is fab, I got my names muddled up the tango is We-vibe

i am going to put it on my wish list.


I found Mia2 bit disappointing, it was weaker than the previous version and the battery of mine literraly died in less than year and half, but could be bad luck. My older Mia is still going strong. However, in my experience, Mia seems to be the most faulty or i have bad luck...

I do have the Elise 2 since Christmas and I really love it, it seems to be now my most favourite Lelo toy. It works for me as clit toy, since the tip is pointed. And for me, its the best vibrator for internal stimulation (not counting thrusting and rotating toys).

I have the Ora and I really like it, more than the Sqweel... It works for me, but not sure it would work for everyone, tbh. Not sure how the new Ora2 stands, I dont have it.

Well, I have lot of the Lelo toys, and I reviewed most of them, with exception of Mona 2, so you may read the review on my page :-)