Lesbian bed death

(Cis female here) aw, hun, that’s rough. I feel for you.
I don’t know if this is the same for anyone else, but I find the less I have sex, the less I want it. This can become a vicious cycle (and it’s why I’m crap at long distance relationships. They flip my ‘ off’ button). Once ‘off’ it takes me considerable time and perseverance to develop any interest again.
On the other hand, the more sex I have, the more I want it. At the moment OH is having difficulty keeping up, and LH has been a godsend (I don’t want to be a pest!)

OH and I also have mismatched sleep patterns which doesn’t help (I used to joke that we lived in the same house, but different time zones). What worked for us was focusing on morning/afternoon sex so that neither of us felt too knackered/sleepy for sex.

Libido can be a real rollercoaster of a ride for any kind of relationship. If your OH is in a valley and you’re not, it’s hard not to feel resentment but if you keep talking and are completely honest with each other about how you both feel, you can get through it.

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You make a lot of good points that ring true to me. I think breaking out of the rut might be a difficult thing to do but is a must. Me and my OH also have mismatched sleeping patterns which plays a factor. I’ve made some recent purchases from LH that i’m hoping will kickstart us up again! Thanks for your input!


Hmm hard question to answer but I guess all you can do is make sure you keep the conversation open with her about things and experiment to see what best works for you both.

I find it hard to even get into a relationship as find all guys either are twits or flake out and don’t know what they want other than to sleep about :expressionless:


that’s what i’ve been trying! i suppose that’s where i’m lucky, not having to deal with men haha! however women are a pain in the arse too :joy: i hope you find someone who’s good to you!

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Me and OH are in this position too unfortunately. We haven’t had intercourse for about 2 months but it hasn’t really caused any arguments between us.

He watched me masturbate last night but didn’t go any further than that. It’s a mixture of being tired, pre occupied with stuff and currently experiencing joint and muscle pain. So it goes from me feeling like rubbish, he doesn’t initiate because I feel unwell then get stuck in a cycle.

Determined to stop that cycle tonight even if it means taking some pain meds hour or so before.


Haha yes think the hard thing with dating women is they can have so many emotions happening all at once plus the monthly’s, then with men it’s that they don’t have enough emotions and feels like your trying to charm a pebble with goggly eyes stuck on it!!


I need to take some of my own advice.
I fell asleep having sex with myself last night


Quote of the week! :rofl: