Lesbian fantasy

I am straight but love the idea of having secret lesbian sex. Anyone else get this?

I've had dreams of doing stuff with women... So I guess I am bi curious? It's confusing :3

I know, would never enter a lesbian relationship but would love to be with a woman, they wouldn't have to be a lesbian either.

Pampam123 wrote:

I know, would never enter a lesbian relationship but would love to be with a woman, they wouldn't have to be a lesbian either.

It may have to be a fantasy that you will have to keep a lid on it, unless your Oh is fully aware and ok with it.

M oh would love it but I wouldn't be comfortable with the other person touching him

My hubby would love this too ....one if his fantasies but I wouldn't be Ok with him interacting with the other woman either .

When I was a bit younger I used to fool around with my best friend who is a lesbian, she is still my best friend and i still fancy her ;) so far she is the only woman I have ever fancied :)

Whish I had those feelings when I was younger and was able to experiment a bit... be different if my oh could just sit in the corner and watch but not get involved. Think he would get too turned on not to.

Yep I'm straight.. or bi curious? But fantasise often about being with another girl. My OH knows about my fantasy and quite often when we're really horny and having sex he whispers things to me like "I bet you would love it if a chick was licking your clit right now?" Things like that. One of my biggest fantasies is having a girl sit on my face and ride it. Dont know why!

My oh knows as well and we regularly point out nice bums to each other. Went to the strippers at the weekend and was very turned on after having a dance. Would love to have another woman touch me! 😁

Im single and straight but would love to experience a woman in bed!

I'm (mostly) straight - there's a little bit of curiousity there. I'd love to experience being with another woman and the thought of us doing filthy things to each other really does appeal!

I have a feeling that the reality would be another thing entirely and I'm not sure how comfortable I'd be, especially if I had an OH to consider. Who knows what the future holds?

I still have the idea that everyone is capable of loving everyone, wirh all just different squidgey bits in between us.
(or maybe I'm just an old fashioned hippy type...)

I'm bi........but I've been completely faithful to my hubby for the 26 years we've been married. The touch of another woman is very different to that of a man but I can't say I miss it ......much 😉 xx

I too think about it a lot, especially when playing on my own. Tried looking at sapphic vids, but it didn't do it for me.

have tried bringing it up with OH, but only tentatively. I don't think I want to act it out, it's all a fantasy. Love the idea of my OH whispering things like sugarboobes2232 said. Might ask him to try that.

As a gay woman, I've come across so many straight women who have said this is a fantasy of theirs. I don't know whether it's because women have a reputation of being more sensual/softer, or it could be that they know the female body slightly better upon first contact but it's so common. I've slept with a couple of 'straight' women and they've both said it's a completely different sensation. Think tapas rather than a full blown roast dinner if you will ;)

I'm straight but am a little curious, I think for me the idea is a turn on but I wouldn't actively search for it. I have dreams where I wake up on the point of orgasm, I spoke to a friend who is a lesbian about it and she said it's quite common, I enjoy watching lesbian porn as it is a turn on but I don't think I have the confidence to have a lesbian exerience if that makes sense, just a fantasy ^_^

I am always fantasising about being with a woman. Just don't think any woman would fancy me x