Let's Talk About Sex...

...without perve alarms going off. The Lovehoney Forum is not a site for dating, hook-ups or cybersexing.

Instead, the Lovehoney Forum is here so people can openly discuss sexuality and relationships without pressure or awkwardness. Please bear in mind that even mild flirting can make other members uncomfortable and spoil their experience here.

Can everyone please take the time to re-read the Lovehoney Forum Rules, and pay particular attention to:

3. Respect the privacy of other people

We want this to be a fun and enjoyable forum so please be respectful and do not harass or pester other members. Please refrain from all kinds of solicitations including those for photos, contact details and explicit personal descriptions or excessive information. Repeat offenders will have their account closed.

If someone is bothering you on chat, REMOVE them as a friend.

Thanks for listening. Now, back to the sex...

There have been a lot of new members recently (*rolls out welcome mat*) so it's worth bumping this thread just to remind everyone that the Lovehoney Forum isn't a place for selling your sexy wares, cyber sex, dogging, phone fun or real life dating.

We want people to continue to feel comfortable discussing sex, sexuality and sex toys without there being a creepy or seedy feel. Please keep your fingers in check and don't make advances towards other members.

We don't want to spoil your fun, but please take a little time to re-read the Lovehoney Forum Rules and we hope you can still have a great time on here with them in mind.

Time to bump again (and re-stick) for the new people who've found Lovehoney recently.