LH app?

Since my laptop screen broke I've been attempting to use the lovehoney site on my phone. Fantastic if your buying toys etc but I like to check the forums and be in the communityfor this I have to attempt to navigate the full site on my phone :-(
Is there an app or maybe just a mobile version of the forums and other bits and bobs? My OH worked in IT before the company went under. He could make one free with the blessing of LH of course xx

Hi :) lovehoney don't have an app sadly :( I've hear it's because company's like the App Store don't like having app to do with sex, and I can use the forum on my phone, I'm using it right now :)

Yeah me too but its a right pain instead of using a site designed for mobiles I have to navigate through the full site xx

It would be good just to have a mobile friendly forum, even if a dedicated app isn't on the cards. Eg gmail, facebook etc have apps but they also have mobile forums where you can use it more easily from within the phone's web browser.

I have to add that I have no idea how easy it is to set that up, but it would be a good option.

I very rarely use the mobile site when im on my phone i always use the full site even just browsing for toys and regularly use it to post on the forum, am doing now :) although perhaps im just used to it x

I'm the same as lou22, I never use the moble sit, always the full one, but I think an app would be very good, but if ya google it, it explains why they can't make one tho as the mightybum said I don't really get it ether coz there are already lots of sex apps but that's what it says :)

Ooooo I would love an app!!

I admit the lack of application is the reason why I will never access this site on my phone. I do have smartphone, but I went for one with smaller screen so I dont really use internet on it, I only use the applications like skype, kindle, email applications. Only use web as emergency measure if I really have to (like home wireless is down and I have to find something), as navigating on full site on small screen is just not comfortable.

On the other hand I would not go for bigger screen as the 3.5inch is really easy to carry round and manipulate with just using 1 hand.

Can the forum not be produced in vbulletin format (I think thats the one) then you can use an app called Tapatalk (as long as the compatibilty is set for it)

Unfortunately, I don't know too much about it, but have viewed other forums with Tapatalk

To be honest I have no clue as I'm useless with tech but I can get hubby to explain it all to me haha xx

I'd love an iPad app rather than an iPhone one, but I appreciate I may be in the minority. I have just bookmarked the homepage and added it to my homescreen though, so that feels like an app to me lol

I use site on an iPad all the time though when we had chat I couldn't get it to work on there

I would also like an app as I can't play instructional videos on my blackberry sigh!

I feel the first sex toy retailer in the UK who makes a good app will be big. Also app controlled toys and more.

There's a lot LH could do with apos. I actually think the design of apps is more important than makiing new sex toy shapes right now, and would love to see some of the top shapes expand and use apps.

I also love how an app would make it possible for people to buy new toy functions at a cheap price =)

But yes, deffo, LH need a site app and a forum app =)

theMightyBum wrote:

I don't know what exactly sits behind the forum on here, but there is a forum host called Proboards which has its own dedicated app already

Oh Proboards. I owned a few when I was 13, upgraded after about a year to custom things, but this was companies doing alpha and beta testing. Glad it's stilll about =)

But proboards would, as their focus is forums, and chat. =)

It's complex with the programing too.