LH virtual library

I don't know wether anything like this has been done before but here goes. To enter a book in the library you have to create the title and also the name of an appropriately named author. If you can use a real christian name all the better. As an example I will start the thread with-

Catch by Chuck Itomee

Intimate Male Grooming by Sean Balzac

Brilliant luc great book.

The Crowd Hater by Stan Dalone

A guide to storing liquid by Phil Tanks

I have 2 very poor ones I've just made up...
Circular Italian delicacies by P. Tsar

The joy of Ice Cream by G. Larto

Cough by Carey Orbags

Easy one for me, these two characters are people we use in our role playing games.

How to chat up Beautiful Women by Paul A Bird

The Female Orgasm by Constance Cummings

A starters guide to pegging your partner by Rebecca Fitzpatrick

The Scottish Dentist by Phil McCavity.

These are so funny I just can't think of any.

Fun Louise wrote:

These are so funny I just can't think of any.

Me neither...... I'm rubbish at things like this 😞

Double Glazing by Patty O'Doors.

How to Excercise by Jim Nasium

The perfect breakfast by Chris P Bacon.

Wildcats Revenge by Claude Balls.

How to Spank by Ben Dover

Bed wetting by I P Nightly.

Some of these predate the invention of paper, so it's a good thing that they are virtual lol but keep them coming.

Outnumbered by Ivan Ovay

The lady pleaser by Ivor Biggen

The yoga pants buyers guide by Carmel Toe
The bell end by Dick Ed
Beginners guide to anal sex by Phil McCrackin
The Mass Debater by Bobby Monk
Big Fanny by Hugh Inyet