Liberator heart shaped cushion

I've just noticed this:

Has anyone tried it?

We've got the Liberator Wedge, which is great for lots of positions and play but a bit too wide for our version of Missionary. This looks tempting...

I have the Wedge, too. I was also surprised at how large it it. I love it, though. Use it for all sorts of stuff.

If I'd seen the Heart I'd have bought it in a heartbeat! It looks perfect for the job AND cute. What more could you ask? I'm too skint at the mo but it's on my wishlist.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

bumping up this topic as toying with the idea of buying this for a small holiday… hard to bring the wedge into a hotel, haha!

@MsR did get it in the end. :+1:

Though I think the wedges are quite innocuous.

We’ve got the BonBon (though it’s rarely used. I should’ve got the wedge :slightly_smiling_face:), and I’ve been tempted to pop it in a vac bag and see how much it’d shrink down for travelling. I haven’t quite figured out how to repack it to bring it home yet though. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @Ian_Chimp and @susan50: I have both the original wedge and the heart shaped Liberator. Both good.

In terms of travel, the heart is smaller but just as deep, and very firm - so still quite bulky to pack.

I’d chance using the pillows in your accommodation.

I’ve just uploaded a pic of me lying next to the heart shaped one - the moderators will hopefully pass it on Monday, but when you can see it you’ll maybe get an idea of size.

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@Ian_Chimp How about one of the inflatable wedges much more travel friendly.

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Good shout. :slightly_smiling_face::+1: (though I haven’t used these myself)

DOMINIX Inflatable Wedge

DOMINIX Large Inflatable Wedge (with Handcuffs & Blindfold)

Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Position Master

Fetish Fantasy Ultra Inflatable Position Master