Liberator Wedge

Hi, I'm looking at buying the Liberator Wedge cushion but was wondering on larger ladies experience with it? My oh is size 24/26. Is it all its made out to be?

I've literally just added that exact wedge you're speaking of into my wishlist! Uncanny right!

I'm a size 18 and love mine. Though I do have mobility problems as my right side doesn't work very well. It's definitely enhanced my sex life as I was finding certain positions very hard to keep. When it's under my bum it makes my legs almost weightless which is lovely experience for me as I usually have to drag my leg around!

I've used it for several positions and found it much better than pillows as it stays where you put it. it's comfortable and versatile. It also gets left on the bed so I can watch telly when my OH is away working.

We have one and use it frequently both for her and for me when she is pegging me. She is size 12 so it supports her easily but I am around 13st and it works well for me too.

We definitely haven't used ours to its full potential but have found it useful - and fun - when we have. I'm more of a chunky dunker than a skinny dipper (size 24) and it hasn't let me down. Hubby is @ 90kg / 14st so also not a lightweight but, again, it's not let us down. Go for it if you can, I'm sure you won't regret it.

Yes it is all it is made out to be. Very supportive, yet soft on the skin with just enough give so it feels firm and not hard. You will both be pleasantly surprised by it.Wish we bought our sooner.

We love the liberator Jaz Motion. So versatile!

The foam core is really rigid and supportive & but it's also really comfy to use and the zip-up outer cover feels lovely on bare skin. Definitely good for people of all shapes and sizes in my view 🥰

We have one bought for oral on her but she hated it. Since then used it so she can anally pentrate me and it's perfect.