Lingerie advice please

After being obese my entire life I lost 8 stone following slimming world but its left me with a big problem. Loose skin!!!!!

I went down to a size 10 from size 24. But I have so much loose skin, especially around my waist that it literally hangs below my lingerie. I've tried basques and babydoll outfits but it is totally ruined by my loose skin.

Is there anyone in the know who can advise me on so!e nice lingerie that will hold it in so to speak?

Thank you

Firstly, congratulations on the weight loss! That's really quite the feat. That's not an uncommon problem post-weight loss, but I'm afraid I don't personally know what to do about it. I'm thinking probably high-waisted lingerie? I would have suggested basques but you mentioned it didn't work for you. Hopefully someone else with more insight comes along and comments.

In the meantime, here's the link to the lingerie thread where you can ask Sammi your questions too :)

First of all WELL DONE! That is truly fantastic. I have saggy skin from giant babies and surgery and I found the most flattering outfits to be the mesh type. Such as:

Or if you are feeling nervous about showing your arms:


Body stockings really compress and flatter you.

What about a robe? They are gorgeous and cover a multitude of "sins"

That's just a few suggestions. Again, well done on your weight loss. You should be so proud of yourself sweetheart 😘

Congratulations on your immense achievement!! That's utterly amazing ❤

Echoing Rosy, bodystockings have a fantastic hold me in/ slimming effect that's really flattering. The first dress she linked comes in a full bodystocking version which I love.

Otherwise could you couple a basque with high waisted knickers to attack it from all angles so to speak?

Or a body might work? This one's lovely and the open cup draws attention to there rather than anywhere else or this babydoll version seems to have longer lines so could be paired with higher waisted knickers.

A dressing up outfit might also make you feel more body confident, this one's cute

This one's shape wear but sexy as hell plus you can change it up with different bras or go braless

This chemise has much longer lines than a basque and is so flattering on

Good luck finding something and congratulations again x

Thank you so much everyone. There's loads there for me to consider. The frustrating thing is that when I was bigger lingerie was much more flattering on me as the loose skin wasn't there.

I will go through all the options you have suggested later. Yes I'm happy to use high waist knickers in the right combination. Would be nice to be able to dress up for my husband again. Obviously he says I look amazing in anything but it hits my confidence badly.

Thank you again x How about this ? I've got this , it's lovely and comes up nice and high on the waist :)

Also comes in standard size but I've got it in the plus .

Another vote for bodystockings - and the suspender skirts are great too xxx

wildflower wrote: How about this ? I've got this , it's lovely and comes up nice and high on the waist :)

Also comes in standard size but I've got it in the plus .

I also have this in the Plus size and it is a great fit, nice and high on the waist and it flattens the lower tummy really well. The fabric is lovely and stretchy and is my favourite suspender skirt....well worth a try Browncoats. xxx

From GnJ's suggestions, I've tried this before and I second it being really sexy shapewear. Wasn't what I wanted for my purposes, but it's quite a clever little product!

Wow... go you! Bodystockings are fab, but the Lycra mini dresses would set off your beautiful new found frame, I'm sure! There are sooooo many to choose from to.

Embrace your body, it's easier said than done I know. Love yourself first and the rest will follow. You've achieved something incredible, focus on that! Your hubby obviously loves you regardless, so head up and strut your stuff! Us ladies are way to hard on ourselves. Life's too short, so live it to the fullest! Go treat your wonderful man.... After all, a confident woman is a beautiful one, simple x

I fully recommend this it looks stunning on and it holds in, smooths out all my lumps and bumps. You can wear your favourite bra with it too. It is discontinued but it's well worth grabbing before it's gone.

Thank you all again for your help. I just thought I'd let you all know that on the back of your advice I bought this bodystocking when I saw it reduced

Tried it on tonight and I have to admit I did feel a lot more confident in it than my babydoll and basques.

Captain also loved me in it so win win. I never would have considered one of these before posting in here and getting everyone's feed back :)

That's fab news! 😍

I'm glad you went for it and felt so confident x

I'm please you found something that you like, there are a whole world of body stockings so the options are almost endless!

Really happy to hear you found something that works for you (and the OH!)

A huge congratulations on the weight loss ✨