liquid latex....

iv relized that my wife loves the smell of rubber and leather ect. so douse liquid latex actualy smell of rubber? also any tips for fist timers? thanks.

im not sure if rubber is the smell of it but it certainly smells strongly of something! i have written a review on the liquid latex that might give you more info!

Put some moisturising cream on before you put the latex on. Makes it a lot easier to take it off (he says from experience!). The initial smell is the ammonia, but when the latex is dry this fades.

whats liquid latex like? ive never seen it before

It comes in a tub and can be painted all over the body; or you can get it in a kit if your after Gold or Silver; It looks amazing on - I saw a lady at Erotica one year walking around with her whole body painted. Loads of fun!

I love the smell and feel of rubber too. I would love a rubber sheet but they look well dear, if anyone knows a good place to get one please let me know. Rubber thongs are good. Rubber sites scare me a bit, it's only a small fetish I'm not into head to toe stuff. I might try the liquid latex, sounds like fun.

hi there thanks for the tips. get what you mean about the smell.. if you have any idears on the rubber smell thing then im all ears.

Another tip for you - it takes a while to dry but using a hair dryer will speed this up and increased stretch (latex sheets and moulded clothing is actually baked for several hours to make it stretchy). Also if you happen to have latex clothing sticking it in the umble dryer on low for 30 minutes refreshes its stretch and decreases any crumples

if its the smell of rubber, swimming caps generally have the strongest rubber smell
incidently liquid latex layered up in patters on clingfilm can be used with time and patience to make unique and kinky jewellry (get clasps to kasten from jewellry making astalls or simply incorporate a loop in the design to tie the two ends together,


Just seen this

I'm intrigued! Has anyone tried this? unfortunately the links to the old version don't show the reviews...

How do you go about using it? Any pitfalls to avoid?

I friggin love this stuff!

My tip would be to avoid anywhere that isn't completely fuzz free and that you haven't just shaved!

I have some very fine downy hair at the bottom of my neck from when I was very underweight and pulling the latex off from here made my eyes water! Slightly less painful but still quite uncomfortable was the stinging of the latex on my freshly shaved legs...if you shave the day before it's fine and dandy though!


cool - thanks KP - It looks like real fun!

I'm gonna add it to the wishlist & look forward to playing with it after next payday.

I have no latex allergy but have quite sensitive skin, might do a test before I merrily paint away!

CurlyCoupleWife wrote:

cool - thanks KP - It looks like real fun!

I'm gonna add it to the wishlist & look forward to playing with it after next payday.

I have no latex allergy but have quite sensitive skin, might do a test before I merrily paint away!

Very wise...I'd suggest doing a few blobs in random places rather than a straightforward inner wrist test. I've also got sensitive skin and have had some bad reactions to things that were fine on my wrist. I now test things on my wrist, behind my ear, behind my knee and on my hip just to be sure!


Liquid Latex smells quite strange! it's a lot stronger when it's wet and not too bad when it's dry! it kinda smells like ammonia! doesn't bother me one bit though tbh!

that stuff is great fun!

Ooh thanks guys. hmmm what colour to pick??

My OH likes the idea but I was unsure, Im sure he will talk me round if he really wants to try it . It looks a good range plenty of choice.

I've just noticed there are some videos on there now - will have a good look at them once the football's finished...

I've never used this stuff before but am intregued. I imagine it being a great feeling being painted by your partner.

If you are fairly hairy eg bottom of back back of neck etc, does it hurt and does applying cream aid this?

Also, how long does it take to dry?

Is it possible to cut the latex off in such a way that you can use it again if you attach some kind of fastenings where you've cut or is it not sturdy enough to use again? x MC x

Cheers Hella! I'll have a watch now! Also i saw that latex scent! mmm great idea. Is there a leather scent you can get? x MC x

Haha, yeah smell is such an underestimated sense! I love the smell of petrol! Freshly baked bread could have all sorts of connertations for various freudian based fetishes?!!!