List Your Top Literotica Authors

FAB contributions everyone - keep them coming :open_book:


I’m glad that other people also enjoy reading things that they wouldn’t want to do in real life, makes me feel a bit better. I always find myself drawn to the reluctance / non consent and BDSM stories and I worry that there is something wrong with me. It’s just weird that something that should horrify me makes me feel so horny. I then end up feeling bad about it afterwards.


As you say, it’s not something you’re actually doing so there’s nothing at all to feel bad for.

It’s just like reading all the terrible sad stories in the newspaper. We are subject to reading all the awful details. But it’s not something we want to do.

Basically I think just about anything (obviously aside from illegal things that are just plain wrong) is harmless as long as it stays in your thoughts :smiling_imp:


Same here, some of the things I read I wouldn’t want to get involved with in real life but there’s no shame in reading about it. Everyone ( well almost everyone ) has fantasies and indulging in erotic fiction means you can get to partly dip into those fantasies without causing any hurt to anyone.

Ever wondered there’s such a large selection of stories involving cheating, reluctance, non consent etc? It’s because there’s a hell of a lot of other people who like to read them too!

Don’t let guilty feelings spoil the pleasure you get from reading about things that make you feel good. For instance, I like stories about reluctance, cheating, multiple partners but it doesn’t mean I want to take this into real life. As long as it stays as a fantasy it’s harming no one :slightly_smiling_face:


WillDevo (couple) write some good stories.

I tend to go for the ‘Romance’ category, plus there is some good stuff in the ‘First Time’ and ‘Mature’ categories. But then I am an old romantic!


@NibbleNob massage porn is my absolute favourite. Loved that one - but my first thought was “I hope he hid his car!”


Lol, it’s all in the details!

If you have lots of free time on your hands you could try the series starting with I’ve read the first 8 or so and that doesn’t even get to the Ann in the title, just another 90 odd chapters to go :joy: It starts with a chap who has split with his wife and goes off to stay with a pal for a weekend, said pal lives with his girlfriend and they have one of her mates renting a room off them for a bit. You’ll never guess what happens next…


I’ve added that one too, it’s going to take some time to get through those chapters by the looks of it! :laughing:

Won’t it just. I met the infamous Ann over lunch time, she sounds fun :rofl:

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