Long frizzy hair a hindrance during sex?

I know this girl I’m kind of becoming friends with and gaining an interest in and she’s very pretty. Gorgeous eyes, great smile, nice body and really nice long frizzy blonde hair. My question is hair that long and voluptuous a hindrance or annoyance during sex should we get to that point? Like if I go in for a kiss while thrusting will I have to reposition it? Or what if she rides me? Her hair goes all the way down to her butt? I mean I like her as a person and would absolutely love to have that kind of experience with her. Just wondering if it’s weird I’m thinking about that? I’m sure she’s great in bed regardless.


It sounds to me as if you’re worrying about something that you don’t need to worry about. I don’t mean that in a horrible way, it’s just that, if we are worried about something big but can’t quite pinpoint exactly what it is that we are worried about, then we find something to focus on that makes sense to us. I’m thinking that maybe you’re generally worried about whether you will have sex, what it will be like and how things will be between you afterwards but that’s a lot of unknowns so you are picking up on the hair worry because it’s something real that you can focus on?

As for the question about the hair - if she’s been with a male partner before then she will be used to keeping it out of the way or having her partner holding it back. You might find that you enjoy feeling her hair on your body or she enjoys you running your hands through it or holding it back. My hair gets in the way sometimes and I love it when my hubby holds it back especially when i’m giving him oral (something a bit dominant about pulling my hair - but i wouldn’t advise doing that until you know her much better, just hold it back gently) Sometimes I just tie it back. If you’re her first partner then it will likely be a bit of an experiment for both of you, don’t put pressure on yourself and have a giggle when things don’t go quite to plan. The first time with any new partner is likely to be a bit of an experiment since you need to work out what that person enjoys.

Most importantly have fun and enjoy the journey :blush:


Hair is hair, it’s easily moved and can be used to heighten the tease the sex

My hair is long (below the bra strap length). It gets in the way at times, Mr John sometimes accidentally puts his weight on it and I get stuck.
If its an energetic fuck I normally put it in a ponytail (then he will definitely grab it).
Its a blessing and a curse but I dont think its anything to worry about.


Just tie it back. :crazy_face:, bun, pony tail, plait.

Zero issue.

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Of all the things to worry/think about I think this would be the last on the list. If it does get in the way move it/laugh about it but overall enjoy it. I think you are worrying about nothing. Good luck

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At the age of 69 my wife, for the first time in her life, had grown her hair. It is almost waist length, curly and frizzy.
It gets in the way and I ignore it. I kiss through it if I want to kiss her. If she’s riding me it gets in my face and on my chest and I love it.

Just go with it.


I have long curly hair and whilst it sometimes gets in the way, my husband will often grab it and pull it hard out of the way… I think it’s fun for us both.

Other times my husband will tell me to tie my hair back for the evening or he’s even been known to grab me and secure my hair in an elastic before we go any further…
It’s all part of the fun and whilst I was considering getting it cut, I’m not now …


This is exactly what I was thinking. Enjoy the experience! Don’t worry about something like hair!

My hair is long on one side, jaw length. The other side is really short. The longest side it can be 50/50, I love when he grabs it and “forces” me to give him head, and sometimes he does quite a lot of hair pulling during sex, which again I love.
Sometimes it can get in the way if we’re not doing any of the hair pulling, so I just tie that bit up. If I don’t I end up eating it during oral and sex :woman_facepalming:t2: It drives me crazy having to keep moving it.

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If her long hair is the only fault you can find then marry her tomorrow, she’s a keeper (assuming that she’s equally keen on you) :joy::joy:

Should the opportunity arise and you find her hair gets in the way, I’m sure it’d be an option for her to plat it or tie up so it’s less intrusive on the moment