Looking for a grinding/ride vibrating toy like this one

I remember seeing a toy a while ago on lovehoney i think like this:


Does anyone know of it on Lovehoney or 1 similar. cant seem to find it anywhere or anything like it.


That’s the VibePad by Orion. Lovehoney do have a couple of similar ones in the sale:


The Lust dual rider is exactly the one I was looking for. I dont know why I couldn’t find it. Have you used it before?

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Now this post has piqued my attention! Sounds like a wonderful piece of kit!
I love to grind! This could really work for :heart_eyes:


Doesn’t seem to be available in the US. Breanna?

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@Delightful87 me too, I suddenly NEED this :joy:


Looks amazing doesn’t it @Best_Kinky_Couple?! It’s my birthday soon, I think this makes the perfect gift! :drooling_face:

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What does it do?

You sit on it and can grind against it. The 2 humps vibrate

Sounds cool (for ladies only by the sound of it)
Hope you find one and enjoy :smiley: