Looking for something new to try!

Im new to this and would love to purchase something new to add to mine and my partners "naughty drawer!"

I have a great selection of vibrators/dildos. However, I am looking for a change, literally.

I would maybe like to try dressing up or some form of bondage however I'm not sure if bondage wear is something to look into having never tried it before..

Any Help appreciated :)

S x

Looking at your wish lists is spanking something you would like to try?

Start small. Get a beginner bondage kit. The Tracey Cox one isn't very expensive. See if you like it and go from there.

Not spanking in particular, I do enjoy it however I think im going to look into a beginner bondage kit. i love the look of the clothing on here. just something sexy to suprise my lover and add a bit of spice to sex

I personally find a corset quite bondagey if you know what I mean.

Then you can progress to a collar. I make my slaves wear dog collars ;-)

How about this with a choker;

http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=26780 ?

For the bondage I'd suggest some handcuffs and a mask to try it out!

Concearning dressing up, I can say that I am totally in love with my bodystockings. I have got two from the lovehoney lingery and they are indeed great! perfect fit, awesome texture and a good price

I suggest the under mattress restraint kit. The wrist and ankle restraints are very comfortable and easy to release. You can choose just the ankles or wrists at first if you are nervous before moving onto all four restraints. Once this becomes natural I do recommend a good Nipple clamp. It drives my other half wild while being tied down.

Try a roll or two of bondage tape. It doesn't stick to skin just to itself, so you can try different ways of tieing eachother up, you even make clothes out of it. Whatever you try start gentle.

PBLove: i love the sound of hand cuffs... never tried them, i love been blind folded and teased aswell! i might get some handcuffs actually, my lover will certainly be suprised when he realises hes attached to the bed.

Quiet ones: that is super sexy, i cant see me in that whatsoever but maybe i will have to step out of my comfort zone..

Some great ideas here, im excited for payday so i can indulge :p

The vinyl bondage tape is really good, you can make it fit to suit whatever you need

I would agree, start with handcuffs/ties and a blindfold!
My and my OH did this and I love it! I've actually just purchased the FSOG hand ties and I might go back and buy the blindfold as it was payday this week!
My next thing is to try some bondage tape, I like the idea of this - haven't mentioned it to the OH yet though! Hopefully he's up for it!

Enjoy! x

Costume and bondage works well.

Sexy police officer costume and handcuffs, then handcuff him to the bed and well... rest is up to you