Looking For Tips/Advice for Couple Looking To Start Swinging etc.... HELP!!


Me and my partner have been together for very nearly 7 years. We have a very healthy and happy relationship, and our sex life is nothing short of amazing and fulfilling...

Fairly recently i introduced a new idea into the bedroom, along the lines of "Id love to see you with another man.." At first this took her by surprise and I dont think she quite believed me or knew how to deal with it.. the more we have spoken about it the more she has gotten into the idea, and the more comfortable i feel about doing it too.

We have discussed the "do's and don'ts" in regards to what we would be comfortable with, and have had long chats about how it doesn't affect how we feel about each other, and i have made it very clear to her -- the fact that i want to see her with another man does not mean that I don't love her, care about her, or that I suddenly dont want to protect her - because I do!

She is extremely understanding and we are both now at the point where we feel ready to give this a proper try, how will we know if we like it if we dont try it right? SO (finally!) my question is does anybody have any advice for us how we can go about it, does anybody have any experiences with this where you have tried it and both loved it, or equally both absoloutely hated it (and how did you both deal with the fact that it happened and you didn't enjoy it the way you thought you would). Is there anybody here that does this regularly with their partners?

We have a young child together, so its not an easy case of "bring someone home" because our number one prority is always to keep our child safe and well away from any of this kind of stuff he shouldnt know about! So again, any advice on this side of things? Cant exactly tell family to come and babysit so me and my partner can go and have a threesome can we!?

Any replies will be very much appreciated!