Looking to try new things

Hi newly married couple. Looking to try new things so looking for some chat/suggestions. We haven’t got massive experience and fairly new to this so please go gentle on us.
Look forward to hearing from you.


Hello and Welcome, I am sure that you will find plenty of ideas in the forums and forum members willing to share their experiences.

Hi thanks for your reply, have you got any suggestions how to find an up to date/related forum/members willing to discuss ? Sorry very new to this

If you click on the three horizontal bars in between the looking glass and your profile, it should open a drop down menu of the forum areas, then browse any you like the look of and join in.

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Ah prefect thankyou

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No worries look for a member @Ian_Chimp, this forum member is a guru of navigating the forums

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What sort of things are you interested in? Lingerie, sex toys, new sexual experiences (eg bum fun, squirting, bondage)?

The Search is excellent on here now too, so you can pop a few ideas in there and it’ll throw out lots of topics to have a browse through. :+1:

There’s also some guides that you may find useful?

Lovehoney Guide Index:
The Chimp Edit

Sex Toys

And don’t forget the Lube :+1::slightly_smiling_face:




🔹Anal Toys

See also: Anal Vibrators; Dildos; Pegging

🔹Sex Dolls

Better Sex



🔹Clitoris & Vulva


Cleaning & Storage (Toys)



(Extra kinks?)


Thanks for that. I’m looking for new sex toys for myself as hubby is happy but looking fir suggestions/new sexual experiences just to really bring the excitement an horniest back.

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I think our favourite things are lingerie (particularly Babydolls and Basques), glass dildos, and suction toys, like the Womanizers . :slightly_smiling_face: And a good, rumbly bullet is a toy box must have. :+1:

I should also say that while everyone will have their favourites every body is different, so everyone can’t like everything equally. What will be one person’s guaranteed orgasm maker could be the next person’s ‘meh’. Lovehoney do have the Sex Toy Happiness Promise though if you try a toy and find out it’s not the right toy for you. :+1: (The Promise section is underneath the regular return blurb, but it basically says that you currently have 60 days from purchase to try a toy out, and if you don’t like it you could send it back for a refund)

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Oh that’s fantastic info I hadn’t heard about that. Thanks so much x

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Hello and welcome @Newlymarried. I’m sure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here. Enjoy

Has anyone got any suggestions?

I guess this kind of a circular argument, as it depends what you are into, yet you appear to at the stage of not being sure what to try.

Could I suggest that you look at the products on the Lovehoney website together and decide to purchase something to try, if you then post in the forums what you are considering people will give honest feedback.

It is hard to suggest anything as forum members like different things, some of which may not appeal to you.

Hope this helps.

OK that’s fine thanks as you say I’m not sure what to try. I’m very much a sub an love for the guys to be in total control. I’ll have a look thanks

Good luck, if you suggest anything I am sure that forum members will give sound advice, or you could start a new topic with your thoughts and see what response you get.

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@Newlymarried have you tried any toys in the past? If so, what kind of toy and how did it work for you?

As @Ian_Chimp and @DLJL said, it’s very hard for any of us to give recommendations if we/ you don’t know what you’re into.
An idea would be to brows the toys on the site, find some that you think you’ll like and post them in the forum (name and/or link). Then we’ll have something solid to start from.

Generally, I would recommend:


We have only really tired normal vibrators. I really want to try the womanizer ones you mentioned but the cost puts me off incase they don’t work. I’m normally a total sub an love’s when a guy pins me down etc. I also loves when he cums on me it’s so hot

Clitoral suction vibrators do cost quite a bit, so I understand that it might not be a first choice for sex toy beginners. The next best thing for clitoral stimulation are wands and they come in a wide price range. The cheapest one I really like is the Lovehoney mini wand but for an additional 10 pounds you can get a full-size wand that’s also more powerful.

The guy pinning you down and cumming on your face really doesn’t give me any clues as to what kind of sex toys you might be interested in.

How about having a look at the best selling bondage items or maybe at the double penetration strap-ons he can wear?

The love honey Advent Calendar is always a great product to acquire a few good toys and its great value and a fantastic way to try new things. Highly recommended for couples.


What about bondage sets which Lovehoney stocks, would that be a suggestion?