love anal sex

i love do anal sex but not every girl like it... i can make her orgasm with anal sex? and who like do anal sex?(for girls)

Yes you can make a woman orgasm with anal sex, but if your woman is new to it then it will take some getting used to... dont go straight to you entering her because love log is too much at first... try anal beeds or a small butt plug... with loads of lube.. try anal eaze like I say on every anal thread because it is good... I like anal but it took a while to get used to it... it didnt like it at first but because my man loved the idea I kept trying... just the thought he liked it turned me on to it...

my mans totally butt obcessed lol but i have to be in just the right mood, so its mostly a 'carrot' activity lol only if hes a goodddd boy lol totally agree with Laynie slowwwww and lube lube lube, good luck

Laynie i need a girl like u... u said that i liked anal sex... lovely... we can talk about that subject more and more...

HEHE..... Its pleasure all the way for me... If sicking his dick in my ear was good I would let him do that too ^_^
I am quite the little sex addict :S its funny because my brother is the same but his wife dont put out :P HEHE

have u got a msn adress? Laynie can me meet with u or yahoo adress?

i love anal sex 2 but my wife has 2b in the rite mood??? but wen she is oh my god she just can't get e-nuff??? like laynie say's PLENTY of LUBE.

I tried anal for the 1st time recently, I love it.

I've got to be very relaxed and turned on before anal sex but I enjoy it lots. I've recently bought a Love Labs Anal Twister and I love that being used on me too, especially if I've got something in my pussy too.

i said no to this for a while but its great my partner uses loads !!!! of lub he all ways starts by 1 finger slowly in and out then 2 he then gets to 4 fingers and wiggles them when going in n out i love it when he is completly in side me and still has his fingers in there i cant get enough of it and he can do this for hours he obsest with my daryair lol x personly id love enougher dick in my pussy at the same time and a nice pussy in my face ooh just got carried awy then x

sits up n pays attention to Jo *giggle*

at trollstar ,
i do have a man addy that you are welkom to.. but i am married and dont do cyber sex are owt weird like that... i also have kids that hover around me most the day so rude pics are a no no too... this is my addy... any one can ad to it dont mind really... would reall love lesley to ad me though...

Wow, that was brave of you Laynie! Prepare to be bombarded by spam and unwanted attention from dodgy blokes now though...

And no, I wasnt meaning from me! :-P

lmao ... funny thing is... this is my filter msn :P i have 2 accounts shhh!!
Mainly because i have 2 kids and dont view the above msn till late :P!!

Laynie i add u my msn list but u didt add me yet :(