Love Honey Catalogue?

Will it arrive in the same unbranded envelopes as the products do?

I.e....the postman aint going to know what it is when he puts it through the letterbox?

ive never known them to do a catalogue, so you wont have to worry

We have one, it is from a while back but they certainly did one once.

There is a catalogue available, Rach :)

I am almost certain that the catalogues would be sent in the same manner as orders.

oh right thanks both, i will have to ask them tomorrow as ive never had one

It's opt in only, go to your account and there is a large section "Free E-mail Newsletters and Catalogues"

I'm sure there's a post on here somewhere from one of the Lh guys to say they no longer do them, they used to and it was sent out with orders but it's no longer thought viable.

I'll try to find the thread....

There's a post on here from Alice where she says they only used to do them for Valentines/Christmas

but then a later dated posted here where she says no plans, which was for last Christmas, so am guessing they won't be producing any more

So no need to worry about anything coming through the letterbox, just make sure you are signed up for the email ones through your account

That's a shame I was looking forward to getting a catalogue :-(