Lovehoney advent calendar?

I’m not sure if sex toys is the right category to put this question in but here we go

So I’ve seen that Lovehoney does advent calendars. Do they do a new one every Christmas or just keep the same one every year? And how much do they go for usually?

I ask this because this Christmas, I want to try one as I don’t really do advent calendars and I’m asking now so in like 6 months time I’m not disappointed and feel like I got excited for nothing. I’ve seen videos of them and they look really fun.

Thanks in advance.

Brenna Edit: The calendars have arrived! :smiley: You can find them here :tada:

We picked up one a couple of years ago, it was on offer for about half price so thought, why not?
It was really good fun, and good quality contents. Half the fun was us both going up to the bedroom and taking turns in opening up the next door… plus there were a few things in there we hadn’t thought of or tried before, so definitely helped spice things up!
Might be worth putting some cash aside ready for when they launch.

The ones ive seen previous years have all been different everytime. They go like hot cakes though, so if you want one snap them up when they appear as theyr really popular. They always look really good though. Last years one was incredibly cool.

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The product pages don’t really exist any more, but I can have a root around and try and grab some pictures in a bit. :+1:

I can’t promise they’ll do one this year, but they normally do. They can be quite good if you don’t have a lots of stuff already, but you might find yourself doubling up on things if you’re a bit of a collectionist. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Ian_Chimp yeah about the collectionist thing … Ive only been here since February this year and got my first toy in February and I now have over 20 toys already in 5 months :grimacing::joy:


Last year they did a lingere one too. I think it was 10 or 12 days or something, but its a fun alternative. There where also a couple of kink calenders too by the look of it. one with toys, one with suggestions behind the doors (which was a good budget option and to be honest looked fun)








Aw thanks for this @Ian_Chimp :relaxed:

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Theyve also done some amazing FSOG ones in the past too. The one with a greedy girl in it was massive


I bought a lingerie one - they are really good, from nipple covers and stockings through to nice bodies

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Looks like the Kink calendar is still in the shop

@Melody1 yeah, they looked good. If they do them again id like to get one this year


@Green_Eyed_Girl that kink calendar looks good. What would be in it though? Like dice, blindfolds etc?

Its £10 so i think its probubly just fun activity suggestions. Like the 52 date night cards.

Looks like it from the revews too
“ Some doors are positions and others are suggestions to use on each other,”

@Green_Eyed_Girl as a single girl that would kind of be useless. It should say more exactly what it is and show an example. I’d rather buy a sex game instead lol fifty shades of grey range has one still up and it shows you what’s in it already which kinda ruins it honestly. LH is weird sometimes :upside_down_face:

When the xmas one dropps, just jam your hand over the left side of the screen :+1: while you order it. No spoilers then

@Green_Eyed_Girl when and how I find out when it will drop, I’m gonna be camping on the website until it drops that day :joy::joy:

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Sorry :woman_shrugging: not the persona to ask, i missed them last year.

Anyone know when they drop?

The pages still exist for the 2019 one: (there’s a plus size one too, I’ll try and rustle up a link)

Edit: Here it is:

This one was from 2020:

I’ve also found a page for a Couple’s Calendar from last year:

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After a bit of digging:

Fifty Shades of Grey There’s Only Sensation Ultimate Gift Set

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Yeah, theyr pretty amazing to be honest. Really going to try and catch one this year :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Anyone know what time of year they usually drop?