Lovehoney appreciation thread,

Well about this time last year while researching my first online sex toy purchase I stumbled across lovehoney and the forum and so began a lifechanging 12 months, this site has totally revolutionised my sex life and subsequently my relationship too.Becoming a tester and a community member has taken our relationship to another level and really brought me and my wife closer together both physically and emotionally,for this we are eternally grateful and would like to take the opportunity to say a big warm heartfelt thankyou,and I'm sure you have done the same for other community members too,thought we needed a thread to let others voice their gratitude and share the appreciation, keep up the good work xxx

Great idea!LH have the best customer service,amazing selection of toys and the community is so changed my life,too.So happy to be a member!

Im with you on this !

where else in the world can you get your hands on such life changing toys ! and then get to review them !

With the help of LoveHoney and my Wife I have gone from a shy timid nervous 35 year old

To a raging sex crazed kinky husband that spends far to much time thinking of new ways to pleasure his lady at home ! I think the wife likes the change in me ? ![](upload://5BDs2y1gm13l2R58ovmAMxyNM3f.gif)

1 million times agree!

Lovehoney you are truly amazing! You have changed so many peoples lives for the better, mine include!

You always have lovely kind and caring people working for you and on here!

You're AWESOME!!! =D

100% Agree!

Thank you Lovehoney your soooooo amazing. ![](upload://l9s9e23YKLHpoOzgGVeUkhZGcEr.gif)

I absolutely agree with everyone, Lovehoney are a wonderful company. They are so refreshing, in that they have the best customer care I have ever experienced. The staff and the forums are so friendly and kind, and on top of all that, there are always amazing offers on - and we also get the opportunity to test sex toys too! You guys are truely AMAZING!! xx

I will add my appreciation, Lovehoney are great. Delivery is so quick, and theres so much choice.

In fact my only complaint is that theres too much temptation at times :)

I can't really add much more...

+1 to what everyone has said.

Certainly have not found a negative, can you say that about any other business you have dealt with? LH, I tip my hat in your direction and would always recommend you.

I agree with everyone ,YAY for lovehoney 🎉🎈🎉🎈

Brilliant company, best customer care of any company in any field as I think everyone on here knows! Staff are so helpful and friendly and forum community is really welcoming - I've learnt loads! ;-)

Agree with everyone.

LH have great customer service, their staff are all lovely and friendly, and very helpful.

They have a fantastic returns policy, and they do the bunny amnesty for any old vibes.

Failed to find another company in the UK who are anywhere near as good. Would love if they would open some shops.......I would love a job in a Lovehoney store. :)

We went with AS for a while but they clearly aren't as customer-oriented as LH. I like the service here MUCH better as well as the range and quality of products, And obviously y'all are lovely too.


Love you Lovehoney! Could not ask for a better anything! You are perfect ^_^ xx

Absolutely agree. I don't think I will ever buy my toys from somewhere that is not Lovehoney. The service, the people, the research, the safety.. Everything is just so well done, kudos! xx

Completely agree. No other company comes close to their customer service, and that's not including everything else that's amazing about Lovehoney :)

This place is certainly top notch. And has transformed our sex life into something that was a little sparse into something explosive!!

I agree with everyone too!

I agree that LH is amazing. I do not live in UK atm and I still use it, because I find it has much better service, better product descriptions than anywhere else I have ever looked.

So good work and I am glad I came accross this site. I been coming back for few years now!

I'm a newbie to this site but so far I'm loving it. The community is such a nice touch and makes buying toys feel sort of more fun. Thanks LH!