Lovehoney. co. uk is no longer searchable at Google

For the last few days I tried unsuccessfully to find at Google URL bar. I tried again this morning and appeared instead. Are you able to load from your URL?

No prolems searching for link and or following the result.

I have had issues on my phone for weeks though

It sounds like you may have a filter on your browser (or possibly your internet provider) that hides 'Adult' sites. Though if you've found the forum it means you should be able to still access the main site in some way. 👍

No problem on my laptop or iPad, but if I try on my phone it says ‘ADULT CONTENT: RETURN TO SAFETY’ in red, and won’t let me proceed. I think that’s the phone company. Annoying and hilarious at the same time.

I have to access lovehoneygroup website first. From the website there's a link to brings me to uk. Think this is the work around for me. MrsR is very correct if I try on mobile it says Adult content....

It could be your settings. I had to turn my adult filter off my phone and with the network when I first got it. If you have a "My account" thing with your phone internet provider, you should be able to change it from there without having to speak to staff to sort it, haha.

Sometimes (like after a network update) my phone will "forget" the adult settings and won't let me go on adult sites. When this happens, I just recheck my settings and turn it off and on again which usually works.

Not sure how to do it with the home internet settings as that's my partner's expertise.

I'm not sure how to find the adult filter on my phone? On our ipad I can access the Lovehoney site but sometimes not the you-tube videos as there is an age approprite filter on that channel for young teens. The laptop is usually my best bet as the kids only use it for homework and it is in a family room so we haven't set strict filters.

I'm with o2 and they automatically block adult content when not on wifi; I had to go in to my o2 account app and physically change the settings which required access to my credit card to do so (they use this to verify age all perfectly legit).... I think controls with some companies have become even more strict and the challenge 25 policy of age restricted items is definitely a big talking point in retail too.