LoveHoney Forum Rules

After taking in many suggestions gathered from surveys, threads, emails and the like we decided that the old LoveHoney Forum Rules needed an overhaul. They were a bit scary and forceful in places.

Please take the time to read the revamped LoveHoney Forum Rules.

We're striving to keep this the great, friendly place it is and improve upon all those niggles and quirks that make it less easy to use than it should be. If you have suggestions for how we can improve, please give them to us here. Thank you!

H there, LoveHONEY Alice, Yes just had a look and the rules are very reasonable, keep up the good work.

Looks good to me

Maybe this is a good idea but it does 'hide' the link a little and something dodgy could be posted however I imagine forum members would quicky report it.

Maybe it should be mentioned that you can make links tiny such as:

I've noticed google pics are a popular site for links and the URLs are huge and often make the page go scrolly or are just messy.