Lovehoney Mega Mighty 3 - how did you find it?

Hi, I've recently purchased the above and after plucking up the courage to suggest to my Oh introducing it we tried it for the first time the other night. Although we used plenty of lube she said that the rim of the tip was a little irritating. I've suggested next time leaving in warm water and using more lube? What I would be grateful to know is have others had this issue and if so how did you overcome it?

Not had that problem ourselves but something like this is made from a softer material if that helps you. Other versions are available for length and girth.

would really like to know the actual dimensions of the MM3. In the video she says 5 inch internal length, but the product desc says 8.5inch insertable adding 1-3 inches. if the solid tip is only 1 inch then 8.5-1 =7.5 not 5.

I always wondered this too! I’ve had the product long term and it works great, but measured it recently and from tip to bottom it was 7 inches rather than the 8.5 stated. I’m 6 inches myself so add approx 1 inch for the head and you get to the 7. Not sure how anyone benefits from 3 extra…

I couldn’t beat my own curiosity so bought one to find out.

The internal is 5.5 inches and the head adds 1.75 so it’s overall 7.25. Call it 7.5 inches being generous. Maybe like most men on the internet there is some exaggeration going on :wink:

I was hesitant to buy due to the unclear dimensions, thought it might be a bit large but need not have worried. I reckon it would still be effective even if you don’t fill out the internal length fully, as it’s pretty snug. I’m 5.25 girth and find it a little tight for long periods.

Wife and I actually prefer the 1 inch silicon extender as it’s softer (more skin like), not so tight and warms up quicker.