LoveHoney Party Hosts

I've seen that lovehoney work with bluebella to provide party hosts. Why can men not become a host? I have been displaying my collection to friends recently who have then gone on to purchase from love honey and seeing as mens items are sold, i don't see why men can't become the hosts. It's something I would love to do and something I would be great at :'(

Maybe you should send an email to Blubella and ask them?

I don't know for certain but I'd put it down to security.

I mean I have more male friends than female friends, I don't know ANY males that have had/been to a sex toy party, yet I pretty much all of my female friends have been/ had one of these parties.

Personally I wouldn't be too bothered, but I know people who would be bothered at having a male rep coming to their house showing a bunch of females at their party sex toys. They wouldn't feel comfortable, if they're not comfortable then the company isn't making any money.

I think if a women come over showing you a range of dildos you would believe what she would say about them. Where as if it was a bloke he really would have no idea what they felt like to be inside.

Also my opinion would also feel kinda weird talking to another bloke about what toys i wanted to buy. For me it would feel like I'm kinda betraying my partner in some way having those sort of personal convos with another man.

However i can see you point and I think a man party hose would be perfect to sell men toys to men! Like us ladies do.

I wouldn't mind having a male host but I think my OH would be uncomfortable with me talking to another straight male about sex toys, perhaps it would work better with male only parties. Might be a good idea for stag parties especially.

I totally get what you mean. i can udnerstand that females would feel uncomfortable with a male rep. My home town has a massive gay community and loads of my gay friends would love to attend a party. I would only personally want to host parties for the gents (i wouldnt know what i was talking about when it comes to ladies products) There is definatley a market out there for male parties, and i know for a fact that many guys in my area would be up for it. Maybe one day :-)

Good idea. You should stick to it too! I think a male only party would be a brilliant idea to be honest. Make sure u let us know how it goes too!