Lovehoney Rookie Prostate Massager Question

Hi guys. I was wondering if anybody had any advise about this product:

I am far from new when it comes to anal toys and have had a few prostate massagers in the past however I have never felt much benefit from them. I don't really know why. I have even had the Aneros models and felt the same way.

I don't know if its a case of the length not being long enough, If that's the case then I don't think this will help any as it is a similar length to others I have tried.

I was thinking that as this is a vibrating model it may be better? It is currently in the sale and that is why I am contemplating it.

Long story short I am wondering if anybody here has had any personal experience of it compared to another version, ie did you find it better or even simply if the vibration helped?

Like you, I struggle with prostate massagers and never really find benefit from them either.

There are 49 reviews on this toy so I guess the best place to start is to scan through a few of them and make a decision.

While its on sale its definitely tempting

Thanks for the response, Yeah I have had a read of the reviews and it seems just as difficult to tell as always when it comes to prostate massagers. Some seem to have great success and others not so much.

I see the usual comments creeping in about it being too short to reach the spot. I guess that's the reason for such varying results.

I am now toying with the idea of this one: it has similar reviews but is about 2.25" larger in length. Sadly it does not offer any kind of perineum stimulation like the other one.