Lovehoney Seduce Me Push-Up Basque Set

Can people let me know how this fits? Size 10 with 32d bust want to know if a medium is a good size or if it could be to big on busy

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I haven’t got that particular item so can’t comment specifically but, while you’re waiting for someone else to respond, have you checked the size guide? Generally the size guide is very accurate and, if you know your measurements, that’s a good place to start. Also, don’t forget that you can return items that don’t fit as long as you haven’t removed the tags, you try them on over your own knickers and put them back in their original packaging. I usually order 2 sizes and return the one that doesn’t fit. At a 32D, i would imagine the bust size would be ok on the medium. I am a 34D size 14ish and buy large. My boobs fit well in most of Lovehoney’s lingerie.

Hope that helps slightly!

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Just buy it… put it on… its going to come off anyways… or maybe it will stay on… dont think we are that critical… we just love what you all do…

I cannot offer any advice re sizing but I think the product is an excellent choice. I would say go for it.

We have that in black.
It’s one of my favorites. My wife had it on the other day.
She is size 12 with small boobs.
She looks amazing in it!
I think it would be good for size 10.
There is a row of clips down the back and from memory there is a bigger / smaller option.
My recommendation. But it and keep it on.
She looks stunning when we are playing :heart::heart::heart:

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@Accountant95 can’t comment on the fit. But absolutely adore the look of this basque. The sizzling hot red one is reduced to a fantastic price at the moment. :fire: