Lovehoney Sex Toy Parties

Hey guys, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this or if it has been brought up before.

Just wondering if you guys have ever thought about getting into sex toy parties? Excellent way of getting more gals into toys and further expanding the Lovehoney name (I'm from Australia so not much LH advertising) down here. Just use the old "Tupperware" structure.

I have been to 2 toy parties in the past and they were both really fun but the toys themselves were a bit of a let down, generic jelly dildo's, basic vibes and HEAPS of lubes and arousal oils all over priced.

You have the best range and prices in the world and a consultant could use the LH site to show party goers the endless possibilities that you guys have on offer.

Create a specific discount structure for the party host and guests as well as host incentives to get there party guests to buy more. After the party customers will generally use LH in future for purchases because they are already familiar with it and you will also get word of mouth advertising... FREE ADVERTISING :D

Sorry I am probably rambling on with crap that you already know but the idea of it just excites me.

Hey !
I said to my partner about a week ago how I wish lovehoney had that element to it !
I know a rival company do similar but they are so overpriced that I would never want to represent them. However I'm a total Magpie for a bargain and would have a blast hosting "lovehoney " parties !
I got a friend hooked on lovehoney the other day and she has now started ordering and also asked it lovehoney have reps that do girls night in party's too.
I think it would be a big hit ! However with lovehoneys already good prices, testers and secret testers I guess there is only so much discount they can carry on giving and only so much they can organise at once.
Also lovehoney do have the videos for most items which lets people see the products.
I was shocked ( pleasently )that this forum even existed !
I guess each company has their own set of usp's.
But if they ever do start the party's I'd definetly go to one or host or Rep !
Let's keep our fingers crossed !

I also think this would be a good idea - but lots of work for LH to organise. When my kids were young I was a rep/party plan organiser for 'They Who Shall Not Be Named' - it was an easy way to earn extra cash in the evenings when my hubby was home and could look after the kids - and it was a really good earner - if I remember rightly I got about 20% of the money taken on the night.

I was a rep for lots party plan company's - everything from Tupperware and candles to sex toys. The Sex toy one was great, and lots of fun, but it was surprising and disappointing how many women got carried away on the night, made massive orders, then when the products arrived they'd decide they didn't want them after all, so their goods had to be returned. It was always 'pay on receipt of goods' rather than pay on the night of the party, as is the vast majority of party-plan, so the rep and hostess would lose out on income and gifts earned by the amount spent at the party.

In the 90's and 2000's party plan was very popular, but not so much nowadays. Back then someone was having a party for something or other most nights of the week - I rarely hear of them nowadays. I do think the internet growth has something to do with that. People would buy sex toys from the party's and their purchases arrived at the hostess's house in sealed bags, only the rep knew who had ordered many women enjoyed that privacy, and felt relieved that they didn't have to go to the shop and be embarrassed handing their goods over to a girl on the till. Nowadays it's just as easy and anonymous to buy on line.

I wonder how you could promote this for men & women. I’m not sure many blokes would go if it was only men?

I like the sound of a party.

I think Lovehoney has previously been involved in parties through a (UK based)lingerie brand they used to stock, but that was quite a long time ago and I don't think the lingerie company does parties anymore.