Lovehoney Sex Toy Tester Thread 2020

Hey All,

It's new year and that means a new tester thread!

The first update of the year has been done.

Happy New Year everyone!

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Hey Brenna, and Happy New Year!

I just updated my list - the Lelo Ora 3s are my favourites, of course.

Hi Brenna, welcome back and Happy New Year.

My list is all updated for you.

Thanks. X

Thanks Brenna, Our list has been updated. Happy New Year to everyone!


Lelo Ora 3 would be amazing!

Fingers crossed for a Lelo. Would be amazing to test one of those! x

Hi Brenna, all updated! x

Hi Brendan im very new to this and this is my first message. Im looking to try things with my partner if you have anything for beginners.

Happy new year brenna. Oh my gosh those Leo oras are to die for ❤

Welcome back Brenna. 👍

pinkanimal wrote:

Happy new year brenna. Oh my gosh those Leo oras are to die for ❤

Aren't they just. 🙂 I popped them on my tester list last month on the off-chance my over-eagerness would sway them. 🙂🤞


Happy New Testing!

Forget anything else I put my name down for, these look awesome lol Updated and welcome back :D x

Updated, welcome back!

Hi Brenna,

My list updated,



Welcome back Brenna. All updated x

Happy new year everyone!

Lelo Ora 3 looks amazing. My wife doesn't use vibrating toys all that much, but she would love to test this, since it's something rather different from the norm.

Always been fascinated with pegging yet never dared to go out and buy a kit!

I'm new to toy testing. So list new 😁

I'm brand new here, but my list is growing :)

For any members new to testing remember to read through this thread:

And your tester list should only have items from this tester page (which can be found at the top of the forum and community homepages):

Hope this helps. 👍🙂