Lovehoney's freebies - how often do they change?

I want to place an order for my birthday gift to myself and the man, and was wondering how often Lovehoney change their freebie with orders over a certain amount as I'm not really interested in the current one and would rather get a freebie I'm into.

What do you do with your freebies anyway? I got one with my order from them before, the Ultra Sonic Whisper Qeuit VIbrator and it doesn't work properly :/ I am going to try changing the batteries around (need to purchase some more) before emailing LH about it though. it worked when we first opened the package and put the batteries in, but then it stopped working the second we got it out during sex, it'll vibrate but only on full power and that makes me shoot off the bed, not in a positive way!

Hi private! We change the freebies roughly once a week. Sorry to hear you're having problems with the Ultra Sonic - we have had no reports of any faults with this at all - try the batteries again and if it still doesn't work then let please let us know and we'll get a replacement out to you!

thank you for answering my question - can't wait to see what the next freebie is!

i bought some more batteries yesterday so will pop them in later and get back to you on the Ultra Sonic :)

There's a good new freebie on right now - Sue Johanson Silicone Vibrator worth quite a few quids. Nice

i didn't realised the freebies changed that often! what a way to keep the customers bying just to get the free stuff too. not only is love honey one of the cheapest places for toys but you get freebies for big orders too. excellent i'm going to start ordering as of payday!