Lovesense Lush or We vibe sync

It my wifes birthday soon so want to get a new toy.
I have been looking at both of the above but obviously they come with a price tag and neither have 100s of reviews.

I quite liked the idea of the long distance remote option but not sure my wife would go for the idea of using when im not there as much as it sounds great to me.

There seems to be a heap of bad reviews for the lush elsewhere on the net.

Any reccomendations?

Have a look on chaturbate, almost all of the ladies use the Lush.

The Sync is a great little couples toy, dual motored, quite powerful , the software is easy to use but the connection can be iffy and drop at times. the software is super flexible and also has typechat, viuce chat and web cam capabilities and it’s all secure. It works though and is the one I’d go for.

Because of the way it’s designed it stims the G spot and clit but it sort of contours inside so your penis or a dildo can also be used with the toy if you hold it in place with a finger.

Its the most flexible wireless phone toy currently on the market that we have tried.

I would say imo that the lush is more of a solo toy that can be controlled from afar, altho technically a couples toy I dont regard it as such.

My vote would be for the vibe, I hade a Vibe 2 I think if memory serves and it was very good and im looking to get the sync soon.

Thanks for the replies people.Wow the above website is awash with the lush.Do they sponser the toy or something or is it that good.I am guessing they allow paid people to control it ?

So seems the we vibe sync is the better choice.

I am curious does it stay in place for solo for walking around aswell ?

Hmm I think if you wore some tight Lycra knickers it might, it doesn’t clamp onto you as such but it is jointed for a good fit.

Thanks for the feedback all