Lube advice

I love using lube but hate the sticky after math. Any advice on what brand is best or if oil based is better than water? Me and my partner don't use condoms but iv never tryed oil based.

also if you have any recommendations on flavoured lube that isn't sticky please let me know.

Hi Lord - Oil based lubes rapidly degrade latex condoms and you can't use silicone lube with silicone toys as this can also degrade or melt the toy. I would advise using water based lubes as you can use these with condoms and all sex toys and it also washes off easily. I personally use the Sliquid range of lubes as they are free from chemical nasties and are not sticky at all - you can also reactivate these with water during use. I personally use Sliquid Sassy for anal play and Sliquid H20 for everything else.

Sliquid also do a range of flavoured lubes and Lovehoney have there own range too which are really nice. Please see below a couple of links for the lubes that I have mentioned.

I hope this helps Hun - if you have any other questions just ask :) xx

Generally speaking water based lubes go sticky. Silicone does not. If it wasn't for the fact silicone toys can't be used with silicone lube I would only own silicone lubes.

In my experience ID silicone lube is really good. ID also do a "silk" lube which is a hybrid and is very good but still goes sticky.

Oil based lubes cannot be used with with latex condoms, and some toys. Obviously glass, or steel will be ok to use with any type of lubes, including oil without getting degraded.

As for silicone lubes, they can actually be used with silicone toys, but it has to be good quality silicone lube and high quality silicone toy, as often silicone toys are labeled as silicone, but they are in fact a mix of materials. Patch test will tell you if it is ok or not.

Waterbased are all round lubes, as they can be used with condoms and all toys. They can be reactivated by bit of water when they dry out. But their main risk is that some women have sensitivity to glycerin and parabens, which are often used in these lubes. This sensitivity manifests itself often by frequent to constant trush infections, where no treatment helps for long.

There are lubes which do not have these and they are generally ok for women with this sensitivity. Lelo lube is one of them, but it is not as natural as the very favourite Sliquid range. LH lubes are also paraben and glycerin free. So is the Yes lube, but that one is more expensive. And I found its taste unpleasant, although it does good job with toys and the small bottle is great for travelling.

Hope this helps a bit.

I tend to not like lubes due to the stickiness after, however since trying this one I'm definitely impressed.

I've found that this one doesn't really leave a residue. But I think I'll be trying other fully water based ones in the future.

I use Sliquid Gel and can't say I've ever felt sticky.

Water based lube you can't go wrong I have no issues with this

KinkyFuckery wrote:

Water based lube you can't go wrong I have no issues with this

i second this