Lube/Anal Lube

I've asked this before and not had any answers so hoping someone can help.

ive found that anal lubes we've used are making my bell end/her bits tingle a bit.

currently we are using love honeys basic anal lube and it does it and we arnt really that keen on the sensation.

can anyone recommend an anal lube that doesn't do this, it's almost like a burning sensation....anyone else get it?

any better lube recommendations as we are getting low at the mo..

taa richy

It's not specific to anal lubes I thinks check through the ingredients of the ones you're sensitive to, there should be one common factor. We use Maximus but I don't believe it's the best for sensitive bits. Have you tried Sliquid? They do a range that's totally natural, no nasties. And some people have had success with liquid silk too.

Hi there, I personally use Sliquid Sassy for anal play as it is slightly thicker than normal lubes and longer lasting. As Y&F said, Sliquid lubes are very good as they don’t contain any chemical nasties, glycerin or parabens, which are great for sensitive skin:

There are lots of anal lubes on LH to choose from, so also have a look through this guide too:

Hope this helps :) xx

Thanks guys ordered some sliquid slassy!

I agree with Scorps! i love Sliquid Sassy, its the best i have found!