lube for a fleshlight...

just bought a fleshlight. can I use baby oil as lube, or will that rot the insert? if not, what lube do you lot recommend?

my partner has one and he recommend id lube as it is water based

Fleshlight themselves recommend ID Pleasure -

Seems to have some good reviews too!

Oil based lubes don't work well with most toys. Something water-based but quite thick like ID Pleasure or Wet Platinum would probably be your best bet!

I just love digging up old threads from the crypt...

In case anyone else is wondering - the answer is WATER BASED LUBES ONLY.

So, no silicone lubes and definitely no baby or massage oils. If in doubt, read the label carefully.

ID are fine (one or two of their range contain mineral oil so again, watch out) but the lube I now recommend as the best is Tenga. They do Mild, Real and Wild and you can buy them at Lovehoney.

ps - here's a link for Tenga Wild, which I've just reviewed:

Not only have you got to be careful with the lube for Fleshlights but how you clean them using normal soap can rot them as well.

ID Glide is fabulous for it, works great on mine & I use toy cleaner or alcohol (reccomended).

Make sure you dry i well or it'll smell like the dogs towel!