lube for alone time........ but also anyone know a good flavor ???

i recently got some lube for my alone time if i decide to use my toys got the lovehoney enjoy water based lube and could not be more dissapointed it dried out way to fast ! had good reviews to so im double dissapointed ! any recomendations ? also as i was typeing this i was thinking about slippery boobs and maybe if it tasted nice my wife might give something a lick as it poked out from between them so any recomendations on flavored ones to she didnt like the lovehoney strawberry one

Try joy division lubes. Raspberry one is great. They're warming too if you're into that. Both me and my wife love them.

If it's drying out too fast you can refresh it with a sprinkle of water. 👍

My favourite lube is the Release one. It's a masturbation cream so it's not suitable for most toys or internally, but it makes for a brilliant handjob. 🙂

My wife and I love the Sliquid products for just about anything:


Though these aren't flavoured lubes, but the base has a much nicer taste (almost none) with no nasties. Flavoured versions are availailable but we've not tried any of these.

Ditto on Mr Chimp's sprinkle of water comment. A cup of warm water by the bedside does nicely.

The drying out thing does seems to be a feature of every water based lube I've tried, but some take a bit longer than others. A tiny, tiny bit of added wetness is all it takes, usually, to bring it straight back to life.

Hope this helps. Have fun!

I will be following this because I have never had a really great flavored lube in my many decades of kinky sex . The best I could hope for was a not too disgusting flavor . I can not stand artaficial sweetners . And anything with natural sugars will spoil quickly . Come on science !

thanks i did have some of the cream an it was great but i cant find it strangely ! really want to find something the wife likes the taste of though cos i love to pump away between her boobs but its not as fun wothout lube and a bit of mouth action to would be great !

I've used the flavoured sliquid range also, and fine that it is long lasting and a pleasant smell/taste

I find that doing things under covers makes the lube last longer - probably due to the extra heat and humidity. Like the others have said, may be best to keep some water nearby.

Minty ones tend to be a favourite

Sliquid products are great. We use the Natural Gel one mostly - with each other and alone with toys - and the cherry flavoured one is nice. I didn't like the Lovehoney Peppermint. Often artificial sweetners (even in drinks etc) make me feel sick.

The Sliquid toy cleaner is also great and can be used as a body cleanser too.