Lube for use underwater?

I have a waterproof vibrator, but find that when I use it in the tub it tends to wash away my natural lubricant. Any ideas of a good lube that can help me out with the water situation? Thanks!

One word - silicone!

Silicone lubes are waterproof, unlike most lubes which are water based. A little also goes a long way. Lovehoney have a few on offer so you can easily buy what you want. Slicone is a naturally occuring substance and unlike water based lubes is not stuffed full of preservatives.

Just out of interest, in the old days people used to use high quality olive oil as a lube. I guess that would also work but not as well as silicone. Olive oil also has spermicidal properties - there's a lot of ancient wisdom we ignore.

Olive oil sure does bring back some old memories of a great night of slippin' and sliddin' around. It's a bitch to get out of your hair though! LOL! ;)

I love the smell of olive oil, didnt know you could use it for that though :P learn something new every day hehe.

Me too Happycamper

For waterplay i would recommend ID Millenium as it stays slippy in the water

As BBG says silicone lube would be best- just make sure you don't use it with a silicone toy.

OK doh just realised how old this thread is!

I'll really have to try olive oil!

vaseline - we use it as a lube if we're having sex in the sea on holiday or in a jacuzzi.

I use "Pink", it's a silicone lube you can buy off of LH and I love it.

It's not a "cheap" lube, but you really do get your money's worth as a little goes a long, long way.

Plus it comes in this cute little glass bottle that I don't have to keep hidden in the toy drawer (have you ever experienced that ill feeling when you open up that drawer or that box only to discover that your lube has squished out everywhere and over everything?...... maybe that's just me)

I have to quote this
"As BBG says silicone lube would be best- just make sure you don't use it with a silicone toy."

While, generally, high quality silicone lubes and toys should not have a reaction, lower quality ones could cause degradation to your toys.

I saw a bottle of Pink on here a few months ago, is it the lube that looks almost like a perfume bottle?

I could find any "pink lube" when i sheached but i found this new !

I think his_rabbit meant this

It's not quite the bottle design that I was remembering, but hey!