Lubricant..... Suggestions and advice!


Me and the OH have to use lube as I only produce a small amount of 'juice' and he is rather large, which has caused injury in the past!

At the moment we use Durex Play Massage 2in1 Sensual lube for 'normal' sex and the use durex tingle for special occassions. I love both of these products but want to find the perfect lube...any suggestions.....

is there a perfect one ,? its all down to whats best for you, keep trying different ones, atleast you'll have fun finding whats best

I would suggest going for something like this

It will give you the opportunity to try a few different kinds of lubes and see which one works the best for you.

Similar situation here. I find that both Sliquid Sassy and Liquid Silk are great. Also, none of them leaves any sticky residue on skin. Sliquid Sassy is thicker but Liquid Silk lasts a little bit longer without reapplication (it contains a small amount of silicone, only 2% and that really does the trick). Both have very safe ingredients so no worries there either.

Hope you find what you're looking for

yes liquid silk has allways been my faorite too nice and not messy

I personally like the Lelo Lube, it is not sticky, or i dont find it sticky

And my new favourite from the Sliquid range is

So far I find it the best from the 3 I tried, but someone may have other opinion, of course.

My choice of lube is pretty limited. I cannot use anything which contains paraben and glycerin, as I have really high sensitivity to them. So there maybe other good lubes out there, just I cannot use them.

Hold on liquid silk contains silicone? I was under the impression silicone lubes destroy sex toys, but the product information for liquid silk says "One of the best lubes to use with sex toys" erm is this because 2% silicone will not do any damage?

Hi Fluffbags. Use liquid silk all the time on my silicone toys. No deteriation at all..I emailed customer services a couple of years ago who said it was okay to use it Have used liquid silk ever since which is our favourite lube and only one we use for both toys and sex. I know what you mean though.

Another vote for Liquid silk! it's a really good quality lube and lasts a long time without that stickiness! I'm not a fan of Durex lube, I find it doesnt seem to live up to the big brand name it holds

I use liquid silk, the hybrid lubes are normally ok to use with toys, pure silicone lube should be avoided with silicone toys, thats lube like wet platinum and give lube silicone + but liquid silk is ok, as is the spunk lube hybrid.

I like the liquid silk lube and I like the sliquid ones neither seem to go sticky, spunk lube is also really good once you get past its name, and they are now making it in pink :)

Mamanda wrote:

i still need to find a lube that doesnt go sticky!! we use ky jelly but it still needs a good wash off after!! tried a few others but need a non sticky one!!

If you're not using silicone toys then silicone lubes are really good for not drying out or getting too sticky. They're waterproof and slippery in consistency if that's what you were going for?

I find Pjur branded lubrication really luxurious but have only tried the silicone one. If you don't intend to use silicone toys then this is really nice for the skin and feeling-

For general use I'd suggest Liquid silk (as advised above) - This bottle will last a while.

I am the only one to like the ID Glide then? :S

Wild172 wrote:

I am the only one to like the ID Glide then? :S

Not at all, it's one of the bestselling ones and reviewed highly- I've personally not tried it. The ones I've mentioned is enough for now, personally. I think people tend to try a couple and stick to ones they like. =)

We are great fans of Yes lubricants, we use oil-based when together and the water-based when we're swinging with others and using condoms, as the oil-based can degrade rubber. The firm suggest you mix both types together for extra slipperiness (not when using condoms though) and it works!

We like their ethical and environmental credentials as well as the way their lube performs.