Just wondering what are people thoughts on using Lubrication when having sex and do many couples use it.

Lucky enough when having sex we have no issues with our own bodily lubricant, no toys just intercourse or fingers…

But do many couples use artifical lubricant to spicen things up when having sex.

If so any type would the recommend and why…


We do for both anal (obviously) and vaginal penetration as we’re both old now and she doesn’t lubricate like she used to.

She also uses it for masturbation as she finds that it helps to stop her clitoris getting sore.

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Yeah I have a constant supply of lube for both vaginal and anal and vaginal moisturisers. My contraceptive pill makes it impossible to have sex without lube, it’s just too painful and dry eeek.

to be honest I have come across some guys who are just down right like ‘oh you don’t need that etc’, so I definitely think there is a slight stigma around it out there. But if I want enjoyable sex, it’s getting used.

Ohhh I forgot to add, warming lubes can be fun. I’ve had a few and some of them are definitely more tame on the clit compared to other ones! But they’re definitely a good addition.


As folk get older, lubricant is needed more.


The Mrs. and I always use luberication for vaginal and anal. She doesn’t have any problems with dryness and we found that just small drop for vaginal sex adds that little extra slickness and sensation. We are not fans of the flavored lube though.


We use lube when we do anal, we use liquid silk, the best one we’ve used. We don’t have to worry about lube when it comes to PIV, I produce plenty of my own for that :wink:

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Lube is vital for us old’uns, especially with toys. The warming ones seem to vary, but can be really good and tingly :wink:

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Me and Mrs in early 30’s. We use lube pretty much every time! It only adds to better sex


Yes, from time to time, mainly when using condoms, need to be careful which lubricants you use with condoms so they don’t degrade.

Plenty of lubricant used when having anal sex or being pegged by the OH.

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Lube is fun and especially needed if anal sex is your game

Personally I like the older style of oil based lube over water based lube as it last longer and things slide and out a lot better

I appreciate it can be messy - but it’s fun :lovehoney_heart:


With vaginal/clit toys I rarely use lube as don’t find it necessary.

For giving oral, I’m a big fan of flavoured lubes, but only ones that actually taste good AND are good lubes. For this, I rate the System JO ones highest.

For PIV sometimes lube, sometimes not.

For anal, always! I rate Liquid Silk or Sliquid H2O highest for both PIV and anal.


We don’t routinely require any lube for intercourse. Instead we use it more regularly in conjunction with toys or when we want to enhance the experience.

@ChloJakes I am a big fan warming or tingling lubes. Absolutely love the unique sensations they bring to the party!


We use lovehoney anal lube for anal, vaginas sex and toys. Don’t use lube everytjme for regular sex but when I wear a vibrating cock ring put a bit on there and myself to make it slide on easier.

Sliquid occasionally for lubricant on anal toys, pour on nipples to stop them been sore etc

I use lube with toys and anything anal. Lube helps the toys move and suction more comfortably. I use LH Discover lube for everything, but I would like to try the liquid silk that is recommended every time theres a lube thread.

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We use lube mostly when using our toys or for anal play. We only use it on the odd occasion when having piv.


@batjamboree baby oil is one of our favs

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Liquid silk is my current favourite to use :ok_hand:

We are both 65 and are still very intimate and have used lubricant now for a few years, I had a circumcision at 61 and have used lube every time since then…. We use ‘Gun Oil’ as our favourite and ‘liquid silk’ as a back up. For masturbation we use ‘LH release masturbation cream’.

Tend to use fisting lube for everything as its cheap per Litre