magic wand how long its safe to uses ?

need to no how long before it gets to warm?

Lovehoney Limited Edition Deluxe Magic Wand Vibrator

Lovehoney Limited Edition Deluxe Magic Wand Vibrator

Does it not say how long in your instructions?

We've used ours for half an hour before and it had started to get quite warm.

thought they was to be that good you could not last that long lol

thought it was quicker to ask the good people on here?

Mine gets warm after about 15 mins then i stop using it. Could probably go to half hour but i dont like the feeling of it getting warm incase it blows up! Im the same with all my toys.

lol that good?

are they as good as they say?

charliemichelle wrote:

lol that good?

are they as good as they say?

Depends who's saying what.

Strange, I have the same wand and can't remember there being anything on it anywhere saying there's a time limit for how long you can use it.

Im sure mine said 15 mins in the little leaflet thing but ive since thrown it away so i cant check. I vaguely also remember it saying to leave half and hour between uses to allow it to cool.

When it gets warm, turn it off. You're not likely to encounter this problem if you're not using it for all over massages anyway.

There has been quite a bit of debate on this, mostly because the only wand to come with the 15 minute rule is the new black wand from Lovehoney. And even at that it isn't mentioned in the product video or the description, it's just a line in the physical instructions. It's quicker to just read your instructions to get a straight answer as it's only people that have the new black wand that have ever heard of this time limitation. Everyone else is like...what...and then assumes it is a bad wand because it is the only one with a 'time limit'. No, it's just the only one to try to give an estimate on how long before it gets too warm.

Bottom line, turn it off and let it cool down whenever it needs it. This goes for any wand. How long that will be depends on many factors; how high/low you are running it, how warm/cold your room I don't think there is a proper answer, just a guideline one of 15 minutes given as a safety precaution.

Thanks lovebird very informative and helpful hun :) x


I'm only going from what I've read on here (as I don't have one personally) but I seem to remember people on here have said half an hour as a general rule.



I've only just got my LH Deluxe Purple Magic Wand (now discontinued) and the little leaflet it came with said 15 mins max usage with 30 mins rest in between sessions... So far it's been so good I haven't been able to use it for even 15 mins! (If you catch my drift...)

However, OH and I would like to use it for deep tissue massages on each other, so the 15 minute time limit will be a pain when it comes to that.

Does anyone else have the purple wand, is it okay to use for a bit longer? We don't use it on the max speed as we find it too intense so not sure if that makes a difference!

I have the purple wand and im sure ive used it for more then 15mins.

Id just contact live chat to make a sure though :)

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You got that right, charliemichelle! Lovehoney are fantastic, their delivery and returns options are far better than any other company. I got the wand in the 3 for £50 deal with the Tracey cox soft bondage kit and a medium lockable sex toy case, I saved nearly £40 and had been wanting those items for aaaages!

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wot did you make of the wand? boogaloo