Magic wand

This one is for the girls, i am seriously wanting to buy my wife a Magic Wand and want to get some feedback on it. She loves Rabbit vibrators as it really gets her going. She can squirt with them and i am wondering if the wand will have the same or better effect.


A wand is a very individual thing some ladies love them and some find them far too powerful unless they have a really good adjustment switch

Thanks for that Jane :0)

rennser..... I love my rabbit vibrators. And my oh. Bought one of the Magic wands when they were on deal of the day the other month, well what can I say... I love it!! I would definitely. Recommend you buy your oh one. Me and my oh had a great session with the wand and my lips were so swollen from it. It's a great toy.... I believe I also said to my oh that I think I prefer it to my rabbits now!!

Since Magic Wand vibes are used for external stimulation, they're unlikely to cause the same squirting effect that you find with a G-spot rabbit vibratosr, or similar toys.

They're INCREDIBLE for clitoral play though. If your partner likes something that's going to be really intense, and a be bit of a change from rabbit vibes, a magic wand would be a really good bet.

If you're not sure and don't want to spend much money, the Lovehoney Mini Magic Wand Vibrator is on Deal of the Day today. It's not as powerful as the bigger varieties, it's a lot more powerful than most other vibrators.

I love, love, love my Magic Wand. :D

I have the Deluxe magic wand and the USB fairy wand and its the best 2 toys other than my Rockbox I own, its an absolute tybox essential and your wife will love you forever!

Its definitely better than any rabbit she will own with the right attachment.

Buy the G-tip attachment too as is blows my mind every time,

I too adore my rabbits and never thought anything would comes close; Im also a bit of a power queen and the wands give me both.

The gtip attachment will be perfect for her if she loves rabbits, its perfectly shaped for internal and outer stimulation of G-spot, clit and anus; what more can a girl want.

I have my most powerful squirts using this G-tip its worth every penny to buy with whatever wand you buy, the wands have the extreme rumbly power and tip transfers it to the right places.

I also have the mini wand and as Gem says its on offer for £10 thats powerful too but not as powerful as the deluxe wand.I will have a review coming soon on the mini wand.

Heres my review of both items it may give you the info you need with lots of photos.

I ordered the Mini Wand from the Deal of the Day and this attachment to it:

As I am into powerful vibrations, I really hope that would do it!

I own today’s deal of the day and it is one powerful little beast! i have seen the hittchi wand and similar and just not that keen on them, there to bulky i think and im not keen on the idea of using something plugged into the main!

thats why the mini wand is ideal to me, its mad how powerful it is, esp for its size! its not bulky and so doesnt get in the way or feel like im using some industrial sex toy!

thanks to all with their input, think my mind is made up to treat her to one:) just need to wait till payday :(

i think the best thing is to get a g spot or rabbit attatchment with your wand, as wands are more or less clitoral toys on their own.

It's all personal opinion/preference really, but for what it's worth I have the traditional one [] and it's the only toy to actually make me scream. Really.

I got a hitachi magic wand for my partner, but she found it too strong to use directly on her most sensitive parts. We found that indirect use was very enjoyable though.

Unfortunately it broke down beyond repair within a year. Rather expensive to replace I thought.