Magic Wands

Hello lovely and wise people we could use some advice with regard to Magic wand choices.
My wonderful OH loves toys that rumble rather than buzz can anyone recommend a wand that is non mains that rumbles .
She has used the Tracy Cox supersex and loves it , but also likes an insertable at same time we were thinking of the Lovehoney marbled glass prober .

My OH is the same. I can’t recommend the Mantric Rechargeable Wand enough - it’s been a game changer in the bedroom for us!

It’s hands down the most used toy in our collection.

It also feels nice for me too, and wife loved running it up and down my penis too.


I’ll second the Mantric Wand, and the LH Beaded Glass Dildo is Mrs Chimp’s favourite. :+1:


We have a couple of different one off LH and all i can say is wow this one is a must so gd we have two one for each hole and when i say she go nuts i meen crazy

So Divine Wicked Game Dual Motor Massaging Wand

I have the mantric which is very nice, i hear the desire wand is also good and rumbly

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Is it worth getting as a sex toy just for myself? I know it is primarily designed for Females just wondering if it is worth getting for myself.

Vibe toys are vibe toys, and they’re fun! Doesn’t matter what you’ve got going on in your pants. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have tried a few in the past most of which did not do a lot for me.

Only by trying a wand would you know if it would work for you. If vibrators haven’t worked in the past then it could be that vibration doesn’t do much for you at all, it could be the frequency or power of the vibration wasn’t right for you or it could be to do with how and where you used them (not all hot spots are created equally for everyone nor do they respond to stimulation in the same way as each other)

You are absolutely correct, I just wanted a perspective from some one who had used one. I know it may have different effects on different people I was just curious.

Vibrators have felt good but have not produced an end result if that makes sense. Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

For USB rechargeable wand fun, you can’t go past the Satisfyer Wand-er Woman. They have 10 vibration settings and 5 different intensities, basically giving you 50 possible vibration/intensity combinations. AND it’s nice and rumbly, if that’s your thing. Plus it works great as a regular muscle massager to reach awkward points like neck and shoulders by yourself, so definitely worth a look. I don’t think LH have them in their range, but they really should, it’s a brilliant piece of kit.

As a male, the only vibrator that does something for me is the Doxy wand.

When applied to the right places on my penis, it brings me to the edge of orgasm for incredibly long periods. Quite remarkable.

It’s incredibly powerful, my wife isn’t keen on it (ironic, I bought it for her…) as it’s just too much for her on lowest setting.


It really depends on what you enjoy. I’ve never really been into the vibrating masturbators (although my latest test one I tested was actually very good) but I do like a gentle vibration to get me going.

I mostly use it sat vibrating on me, or against my perenium and it feels really nice


If you’ve not already
‘Pulled the trigger’ the Mantric wand is deal
Of the day today!


This thread inspired me to get the Mantric Wand on today’s Deal of The Day :grin:

Looking forward to receiving it.


You’ll love it - it’s amazing….well myself and my wife think so at least!

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Just feeding back on this, and I agree with you and your wife! It’s fab and surprisingly rumbly on the low speed setting. Chuffed to bits with my purchase. It was a deal worth doing :+1:


Hoorah! Glad it works for you! Don’t wear it out!

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