Magnetic charging connector issues

I’ve just received my latest toy - the LH Pocket Rocket rechargeable bullet vibe kit - - Thanks to @Serpentwand for bringing it to my attention :slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t got round to using it yet - that (and I) will be coming later :wink: - but, having charged the unit, I wanted to vent some disgust about one aspect of its design. Those of a nervous disposition should put fingers in ears and look away now…

The USB charging cable connects via a magnetic plug. This is the first toy I’ve owned with this kind of connector, and I am…


This thing SUCKS - and not in the way I’d like to be! Who on earth thought it was a good idea to use a connector with such pathetically weak magnets that the lightest disturbance of the cable will disconnect it from the toy? Hell, the connector can’t even support THE WEIGHT OF THE CABLE ITSELF! :roll_eyes:

Forget about hooking up the charger and then stuffing the vibe in a bedroom drawer out of sight. Ain’t gonna happen! The only way to prevent the connector falling off is to leave the bullet vibe lying on its side on a flat, open surface, with a length of the cable draped across that surface. Not a problem for me as I live alone, but if you live in a shared flat/busy family home and aren’t in the habit of locking internal doors, it could be seen by anybody. And while it’s lying there, you’d best keep your fingers crossed that you/your partner/a family pet doesn’t brush past it …because that’s all it will take: one little tug on that cable, and the connector pops off.

I don’t have an issue with magnetic connectors as an idea - they have obvious safety advantages on a waterproof/submersible toy - and for all I know, the ones on other toys may be very secure - but this one? It’s rubbish!


I have similar issue with the womanizer one I have they’re a bit of a pain


Glad (glad, Pleasure Drone? really?} to hear I’m not the only one who’s having issues with this. Basically, it’s down to the amount of surface area they use for the magnetic poles/terminals. There just isn’t enough of it. The base of my new toy has an area with a diameter of about 15mm, but each little terminal is less than 3mm across. On the plug itself, the magnets are only just over 3mm across. If the poles were bigger, the problem would be gone.

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I have a few toys with magnetic chargers, and some are better than others.
I have the pink kit with sleeves which is very similar to yours @PleasureDrone and it is a sensitive soul. I step away very carefully once the connectors have made contact…


Ah yes this is true, it needs placing carefully but I hadn’t thought to mention it as it’s not a problem for us. It’s possibly due to the small size of the bullet. It might be possible to push it out of sight under a bed, or as with TV cabinets make a hole in the back of a piece of furniture to feed the cable through.

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It’s so that the toy can be fully waterproof.

We have Pebble Smart Watches with the same type of connector and they’re a pain inn the bum too.

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Ha! (Sorry!)
Yep, we hear your frustration. We have the pink set like @MsR - happily put it on charge when it first arrived (or so we thought), got down to test it and it just stopped after 5 mins :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Never made that mistake again!

‘Gently back away from the toy…’


I got one of the new magnetic chargers from an item in the advent calendar and from an item I am testing which I have yet to write the review for (but this is a major negative for the item), but for both items they are exactly the same. it is so easy for it to fall off or become misaligned when putting down, don’t know how this design for past the early testing.
I’ve had magnetic charges for other things like laptops and other things which still have a port that the magnetic part goes into so the tips aren’t exposed but this style is very odd


I quite like the magnetic chargers but don’t have to put in a drawer while juicing up


I have a Rocks Off vibrator and another toy with magnetic charges which I never have a problem with.
The magnets feel a lot stronger.
However the We Vibe Tango is also tricky, as is their discontinued app controlled pink thingy (I can’t remember it’s name - we call it Peppa Pig), as well as the set mentioned above.
I tend to get them as stable as I can and hide them behind a tower of books. In our house no one would find a tower of books at all suspicious :+1: :smile:


Can’t say I’ve had much trouble with the magnetic chargers as of yet. They’ve all attached securely enough without me worrying about them disconnecting.

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Same, I’ve not had any awful ones yet. The we vibe melt magnetic charger is probably the best one I’ve experienced and is pleasingly strong to connect.


Hmm, haven’t come across these other than my wireless charger for my watch, but then my watch sits in the charger so the weight of the watch holds it in place.

Satisfyer pro2 has magnetic charger, never had an issue with it, Nexus Ace medium plug also has magnetic charger, before it died it worked ok most of the time (rarely would get knocked off).

I don’t mind the penetrating charging chords where it seem to pierce the skin of the toy, but I have had an issue with one where somehow the charging port got misaligned with the hole and the toy was useless from day 1 (LH did replace it under warranty, so all good there).


I have the womaniser duo with the magnetic charger and God forbid I may sneeze near it because it constantly disconnects. I need to make sure that no one is in the house when it’s charging day.


I can empathise with this thread. I have a b-Vibe vibrating buttplug with magnetic charger. It’s such a good toy, but if you cough in the next room, the charging lead unclips itself.

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I agree. I have still not gotten it to charge

I also struggled with this toy too and eventually resorted to laying it sideways then propping something under the cable to prevent it dropping off (books and cloths work pretty well). Which did work.

We’ve had issues with magnetic chargers too. I don’t understand why they are used. Yes they provide a clean finish but it’s such a balancing act to get the cable to stay connected in exactly the right place. Our womaniser premium has this issue. A couple of times we’ve come to play and found it hasn’t actually charged at all.