Maintaining Dominix collection

Good morning all,

I have just ordered a bundle of the Dominix Leather range collers, cuffs etc and was wondering if anyone could tell me how to maintain the leather keeping it soft and to stop it cracking drying out.

Thanks in advance x

Hi there, LH stock this leather care kit :) xx

Thank you Scorpius12 much appreciated


Thank yiu for asking i have cuffs that need tlc

When I was in India, I had a leather jacket made for me and the guy advised me about cleaning. Wipe with a damp cloth and then dry off immediately with a dry cloth. Then get some coconut oil on a dry cloth and rub this into the leather. I will keep it soft and supple, and also help with repelling water if ever caught out in the rain.

My jacket has stayed in top condition for 5 years.

My only concern with cleaners and conditioner is how 'abrasive' they might be. My brother use a specific leather cleaner for his sofas and it completely scorched the leather - and no he didnt do a test patch on the back of the sofa - he slapped it right on seat where his daughter had drawn on the sofa with a pen!

I'd hate for any Dominix stuff to get ruined in this way. The LH cleaner has one good review, but for me I know water and conditioning with coconut oil is completely non abrasive

Thanks Just Jenson x