Making semen taste better?

I've read that fruits and cinnamon are the way to go, but what I'd like to know is how long before cumming does the fruit and stuff have the biggest impact? Most articles read like a guy needs to live on nothing but fruit, but one or two say that things work their way through the system in a couple hours.

So that's my question... how long before cumming does he need to eat all the fruit, and how much is enough? Thanks!

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You can try using the search bar, there are tonnes of threads on here, you are bound to find something you are looking for. this is a very recent thread that may answer some questions

I've been told it can take about a week before you can notice a difference.

Pineapple juice works with my Mrs. But she needs to drink around 3 cartons in the moinin g for oral sex in the evening..As a coffee and wine drinker she can taste a little on the bitter side but the pineapple juice just sweetens her enough to take away the bitter taste.

It may be worth trying.