Male cum fountain?!

Finally I’ve got something baffling to ask!

So I understand and know professional porn videos are massively edited and behind the scenes not as sexy, but my question involves things I’ve also seen in amateur videos involving the amount of cum a guy can squirt out…
I understand some men can squirt more quantity than others and there’s many lifestyle things that can help increase the amount you ejaculate, but how is it even possible for a guy to shoot an unnatural mega amount of cum like a literal fountain?!!

I’m pretty sure they must syringe a cum lube of sorts in their penis shaft so when they naturally ejaculate it pushes all the fake cum out as well making it seem like a massive amount! :scream:
So am I right about this theory or is there actually a real way to naturally cum like a can of squirty cream??

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I think I’ve hard they do something with injecting saline that sounds painful? But i could be wrong. Either way, not one to try at home :scream_cat:

Maybe the guy had been edging for weeks or something intentionally :woman_shrugging:

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I’ve always thought the same. Although, since I’ve discovered edging and prostate stimulation, the amount I can cum has been a lot! Still not as near as the amount you see in porn videos but still impressive as far as I’m concerned.
It’s even better when we take our time with oral and sex too - like over a couple of hours of playing with each other slowly.
I’ve found it’s improved the amount, and how far I shoot too. Something about that feels very satisfying. So if you haven’t already, try edging for a week, or even better 2 weeks without cumming at all. And prostate massage if you’re into that and see what the results are.


I will say that hydration, eating healthy, and exercise/yoga seem to increase mine. I would also try foods that increase Nitric Oxide levels (some are beets, red meat, garlic etc). There are also foods that help produce seminal fluid and count (foods high in zinc, vitamin D like red meat, fatty fish, oysters etc).
There is always the edging and prostate play too!


Iv read having celery (having googled this before) :joy: being well hydrated but away from the nutritional aspect I’d say stop starting, but you might find you can only do this a few times as you just want to go at it

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Some men do have Hyperspermia which results in that fountain image seen in porn. I think thay happens after holding off cuming for a short time. But some are probably faked too

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When i was younger , the quantity i cam in was incredible looking back. Also the fource and distance of ejaculation… maybe just the natural power of youth.?


You either do big loads or you don’t, but abstaining definitely does increase your size, especially if you’ve edged for a long time, I myself am lucky enough to have big loads, I don’t shoot at high velocity nowadays but when I leave a load inside MrsToysrus it floods her, and she say it still comes out the next day too!

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I’ve actually seen a video of how some of they guys do this, definitely not recommended but they put a catheter or tube in to their bladder and then using a syringe they push a fake cum like substance down the tube and fill their bladder, then when filming the video the push it out of their bladder in squirts like they are cumming, as the bladder hold around half a litre of liquid it makes it look like they cum in massive loads, its so fake as there’s no natural way a man can cum the amount they do in those cum fountains videos!!

Cor yes I’ve seen the stuff on saline injecting as men hook it up to a drip to dramatically enlarge their ball sack :scream:
It’s one of the more extreme fetish things out there! - does make me wonder where it all goes for it to shrink back down :thinking:

Possibly could be one of the contributing factors but the image I have in mind is this video I saw the other day from a guy I know who has an onlyfans and they’re a gay top so don’t do anal and he shot out so much it was like seeing a can of silly string go off if makes sense?!
The only thing I can think of is he edged loads as he once told me that’s what he liked doing but I still find it hard to believe he’d ejaculate that much cum.

So maybe it is all about the long lasting edging play stuff :thinking:


Indeed lifestyle can play a big part in this I agree :relieved:
The guy I mentioned in one of my above comments is vegan and fussy eater so other than water I doubt food side has had much impact lol

Haha celery?!! That’s an interesting find :sweat_smile:

Indeed, I’ve recently read up on a few topics about porn stars having hyperspermia as to partly why they get chosen for the job roles but also the industry fakes a lot of their climaxes with fake cum being squirted from a dildo to relieve stress and pressure on them to produce the perfect shot.

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Youth might have some part to play but I’ve seen some older guys able to still shoot impressive amounts so must be more to it perhaps

Wowzers!! Interesting, so maybe it’s down to genetics as much as it is other stuff too?

This was exactly the thing I was imagining and wondered about!! I’m actually so pleased you’ve said this as now I know I haven’t just invented up something in my head haha :laughing:
Thank you for putting my mind at rest.

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Yep @AJSTAR, to be fair some videos are real big load shots, we’ve all had the odd big load after a few days of nothing but when I saw videos of cocks pumping out continuous streams of litres of cum I had to find out how it was possible, it was obvious fake so I searched extreme fake cum and thats how I found the videos showing them filling their bladders with fake cum, one was even a tutorial!!:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Funny I just posted on another thread about this.

Holy grail