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Hello all

My man is back from a 2 month work stint and besides dressing up and buying some new toys (thank you Lovehoney) and getting a little dirty with the things he wants to do to me. I'd really like to surprise him with a little moment of his own. I've been reading up on prostate stimulation but wanted to get any tips from those who have already tried. Failure and success. Think he'd be up for it but not sure if I could go that far. We haven't even rimmed yet but spoken about this and he says he's up for trying. should I try and incorporate the two? Obviously taking it slowly and waiting for his reaction. He's only back for a short period of time so need to make him feel as comfortable as possible quickly.

All suggestions, thoughts, advice appreciated

thanks all

Sorry I can't really help much as my OH is really not in to the idea of anything in or around his bum. But I think its always best before trying something majorly new (specially when it comes to bum territory) it's best to talk it through first before surprising him with something. Some might disagree but I think I would certainly want a bit of warning and make sure I had some the right sort of prep.

Have you tried having a search of the forums (there is a search bar at the top) and seeing if Lovehoney have a guide to the P spot. I'm sure they will, they have one for everything!

Enjoy and good luck

There is tons of good advice available using the search function at the top or bottom of all forum pages.

However, I remember this thread being particularly useful

What I will add is that the male p-spot is much like female g-spot; everone's is different. For me, what gets it going is continual pressure rather than anything rubbing, and as such I find gentle manipulation with a steel dildo most effetive, although I've also had joy with the L'amourose Rosa and inflatable butt plugs...

For me, I have spent years and lots of money of a variety of toys, and yet to find the elusive 'pot of gold' as it were.

It's great that you want to explore such an intimate area with your OH and make sure you have fun along the way. Just dont build up expectation of providing him a mind blowing orgasm this way, just to struggle (like I have done) and then get wound up over it!

Main thing is enjoy each others bodies in which ever way you both like to the most!

As a guy I don't think I would want my Mrs to place something up my bum first without me knowing before hand. for me it would clearly freak me out as i would cetainly want to make sure I weas clean in that area first before tying anying of that nature. I go firmly along with what Never Know has said .

I am sure there are other ways you could pleasantly surprise him :)

As said in the post immediately above, cleanliness is paramount with all anal play, to save any little embarassing moments, so I suggest that talking it through beforehand to ensure he is happy to go along with the idea and also has chance to thoroughly douche, which is important.

Excellent items are available here for cleanliness, and don't forget some anal lube... and use lots.

Suggest you speak to him before his return, in order to allow time to order any items needed, if he's game for it. If he is, the anticipation would be a great aphrodisiac for him.

You'll need to search under P-spot :)

Definitely won't be surprising him off guard. We've been talking about it. We don't do anything major with out talking about it first. Sorry I gave the wrong impression.

i was looking for more advice like Just Jenson. Thanks for that

Thanks to you all for your posts.

I bought 1 here recently and sad to say it didn't do anything for me.

don't even think it found the right spot.

I've had great success with this. I have enjoyed getting my man off with stimulating his p-spot alone. Don't give up if you don't get there on the first few tries. It's worth it when you do.
I find a good tip is to not go looking too deep. You don't need to venture far to find what you're looking for. About an inch n half, maybe a Lil more, and hook your finger in towards his front. For my man, repeated mixed pressure strokes (a motion like you're pushing a penny across a desk) works wonders. Good luck!

My wife sometimes plays with my rear and its.great. Sometimes she's able to find my prostate, sometimes she can't, either way it enjoyable. She has a few times been able to milk me which is the most amazing feeling, cumming without cumming.

I would suggest mentioning what you plan to do to him before you do it. Also have short nails or wear gloves and most importantly use lots and lots of lube and go slowly. This of course applies to either sex.

Have fun !!!!