Male Kegel exercises, fellas watch out!

I see theres dozens of sites online advising men to do Kegel exercises to get a firmer/larger looking errection.

Dont do it guys, i have read that it can apparently cause severe pain and even damage to the point where you cant ever have sex again

Any exercise can cause damage if overdone inappropriately without proper preparation. No sensible person would go straight into a gym and try to lift 300lbs straight away and thereby **** their back. But if they did it would not mean that no-one should lift weights.

Eastern and Tantric traditions use male Kegel exercises to bring great pleasure to both parties and this tradition has been successful for longer than Western Civilisation (arguably).

Hey it depends what exercises you do, how oft, and more. There are some very safe ways for men to exercise their kegels, and I really encourage guys doing them, not just for sexual happiness but also to keep your body in check (particularly when you are older).

I have done them for 30 yrs and never had anything but positive effects

The reason i brought this up was because i tried this for a few weeks, ended up with sore testicles and stopped. I looked it up and found some horror stories about damaged prostates and men unable to have an errection etc.

I didn't do many at a time but probably didn't do them right by the sound of it.

Reluctant to try again though, probably dont really need to anyway.

Hey dkink, go get it checked out. Don't leave it, do you do self exam of testicles? Don't do self diagnosis from on line sites go see a doc.

Thanks Gg, i'm ok now, i did have some discomfort but no problems since i stopped doing the kegels. Felt fine after 24hrs of stopping doing them so fairly certain it was the kegels which caused it. Probably wasn't doing them right knowing me

I did get concerned by some of the horror stories circulating the web though so though i'd bring the issue up here where i feel comfortable talking about these things with decent, knowledgeable people.

If i get any further issues i'll be straight off to see the doc though.