Male landing strip

Recently styled myself a landing strip and rather like it - this maybe Simply because it’s different - I usually just shave all off and then let it regrow.

Men - do you ever style into different shapes?

Ladies - what are your opinions/experience of men who style?

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more difficult these days as my tummy seems to have grown a bit recently

Never even thought about it . Now that I do , at my age I could grow one from my taint all the way up to my beard and then from the top of my head to mu bum . Do not think that would look too good ! All summer I am clean below , in winter closely trimmed .

Haha, mine goes into my stomach hair but I didn’t do that, just trimmed short

Once I’ve got the razor out I just do the lot from groin to belly button.

I’ve only actually ever very recently encountered a guy who has trimmed it into a anything. My previous experiences have pretty much been a lot of trimmed or shaved or natural mostly shaved.

My current guy trimmed his into a landing strip very recently and I actually love it, he’s normal shaved but decided to do something different cause I love his happy trail though sadly they don’t connect. But I still enjoy it and think it’s cute.

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I like a trimmed guy downstairs simply because I’m less likely to get a stray hair in the mouth or catch a hair in the heat of the moment - but I’ve not seen a styled look before in person! I think it’d be quite nice, always fun to try new things :blush:

I must admit I prefer a man hairy…but have been with someone who gave himself a number 3 and also someone who shaved off the lot…all the others au naturel
My preference is hairy but at the end of the day it’s up to him

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Exactly, trying something new and has been fun, will keep it while!

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Did he just surprise you with it or did you know beforehand?

Smooth for me, i like the sensation especially when meeting a smooth OH!

I’m alway completely shaven around my balls and perineum. I’ve tried to shave the are above but even straight after shaving its prickly frankly unattractive. I therefor tend to run a number 2 over that part…

He surprised me with it, told me he knows how much I love his happy trail figured i’d enjoy a bit more of it.


Never thought of it, usually it is a binary decision, all on or all off.

My boyfriend started off hairy and trimmed a bit including a strip. A good few years ago he shaved it all and found he prefers it like that. For the last 2 years or so he has been getting it all waxed with me so it lasts much long and is actually smoother for longer.

I love him with hair. Trimmed and neat but I like to see hair there

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I shave it all off. I much prefer the smoothness.

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I shave it off as Mrs C doesn’t like it tickling her face. :banana::astonished:

I agree with this. I like my guy trimmed, not sure I’d like it if he was smooth tbh.